Marco Carnelos: ‘It’s time to stop this war’

Renowned columnist Marco Carnelos delves into the escalating tensions in the Middle East, shedding light on the alarming situation in Palestine. As Israel’s war on Gaza intensifies, Carnelos warns that this could be paving the way for the realisation of far-right dreams in the 21st century.

Amid the massive destruction in Gaza, international observers have expressed concern over the passivity of western states. “The US and EU are shamefully and unforgivably watching, and even complicit in, these acts of sheer horror coming out of Gaza on an hourly basis,” Carnelos says.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Hezbollah faces a critical juncture, grappling with Israel’s provocations. Carnelos emphasises the strategic decisions ahead for Hezbollah: “Hezbollah must carefully calculate the next move, respond to Israel’s provocation, and provide Netanyahu with a pretext to remain in power or alter its current strategic position.”

Amid this precarious landscape, Carnelos calls for a ceasefire, emphasising the potential for a devastating domino effect.

“It’s time to stop this war,” he declares, pointing to the urgent need to address the root causes of the conflict and to fulfil legitimate Palestinian rights.

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