Welcoming mutant people to the Europe’s Nuclear War!

“Nuclear War in Europe should not be much of a concern for Americans”, said some high Defense official of America, on 15h November 2022, reports Hal Turner, ex FBI, “HAL TURNER RADIO SHOW”.

A week after Lunar Eclipse.

Welcome, to the Nuclear War Europe!

I’m starting today the new approach to the communication in the world.

Chinese, covering my entire country, Serbia, with modems to be able to access internet, so communication with the entire world, stopped my access yesterday, making problems with their Huawei modem.

Well, guys, I have enough to eat, being in my warm welcoming place, with my living souls loving me, pets, inside the house, dogs, outside the house, friendly neighbours chattin with me, friendly sympa people in the town whom I know.

So, who cares about your war?!!

Thinking through the logic of journalists…

The NEWS… The truth… Is coming to the light.

IN DEPTH COVERAGE… About the story, the event, and or the character, in various colors, from different angles… The big picture, the whole info… Is coming to light.

INTERVIEWS… Chatting with various personalities… Personal touch… Is coming to light.

Dear guys and dolls,

We’re dealing

  1. with World’s 1% richest, money elite.
  2. Their goal is depopulation of the rest of the world – 90% of “useless eaters” whom their village mental disease mentality of users cannot use for their narrow selfish interests –
  3. letting live some 9% of those who accept to be their “useful idiots” being “*(sex) slaves, for their account”  (maths) to do what they’re told to do (in ultra violet / white – Mind Control – based on emotional traumas, pts, poisoning them) and or “servants, of their name” (language) to be predictable with firm discipline (in infra red / black – Changing Personality – based on rational fights, burning them).

In Builderberg meetings passes – these types are differentiated with colors of the pass card –

  1. being the Money elite of the richest 1% in blue –
  2. their 9% (sex) slaves and servants in green –
  3. and the “spouses” in white.

If you compare these colors – of the emotions – with the colors of the chacras of the body – it would be

  1. 5th chakra of Venus of higher instincts of light blue,
  2. and or 6th chakra of Uranus of higher thinking of indigo blue –
  3. and 4th chakra of Sun of high emotions of green –
  4. being white of the “brides” above the visible span of colors in the realm of the light.

Comparing this to the types of radiation – for example the radiation that spreads around the entire world after the accident in Fukushima Nuclear power plant on 11th March 2011 – it would be

  1. gamma radiation (cesium 137) of the 6th chakra of the blue high thinking –
  2. beta radiation (iodine 131) of the 5th chakra of the light blue high instincts –
  3. alpha radiation (strontium 90) of the 4th chakra of the green high emotions.

RADIATION POISONING – seems to be the method of fast extermination. So, when it comes to: WHEN they attack? – it’s on 11 / Aquarius roads of air (US Air Force – Aquarius?):

  1. Fukushima, Japan – on 11th March 2011
  2. 5G, 4G, 3G – “covid” “pandemic” “world emergency” proclaimed by WHO – on 11 March 2020

Mass animal deaths, around the world, of all animal species, were noticed after Fukushima nuclear plant accident. As there was radiation poisoning of all types of living places – all natural elements:

  1. Gamma – on the soil – mass deaths of mammals
  2. Beta – in the air – mass deaths of birds
  3. Alpha – in the water – mass deaths of fishes, sea life

According to Canadian journalist living / working in Japan, Benjamin Fulfrod, the “accident” of Fukushima was not an accident, but the intentional attack, by Israel.

According to American geologist from Berkley University, California, Leuren Moret, the “accident” of Fukushima was snot an accident, but intentional attack, by STUXNET computer malware.

She writes on her site “GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP” / speaks in numerous interviews – that “similar nuclear ammo is used on all the battle fields” – as well as that “they also use for attacking “nuclear radiation rain”.

Soldiers, who were fighting for the West, on these battle fields, were reporting some health troubles – caused by radiation – such as “metal taste in the mouth” and “burning feeling in genitals while having intimate encounters”.

Yugoslavia, my native country, the first country that was attacked by NATO in Europe after Hitler’s SECOND WORD WAR, was bombed in 1999 by USA led a lot of countries of European Union NATO with DU, depleted uranium – causing mass deaths from poisoning life conditions making ecocide – as well as causing mass deaths from poisoning life states of living bodies making genocide.

How do you kill people of some nation, seeing them just as numbers, not faces, not names?

It’s that such an approach can have only the type of people, who are demon possessed by Aliens, who are primarily into maths, so into numbers. Saturn sign of the American site for Space data, for example, “Space Weather”?

We remember, after the Second World War, many scientists from Hitler’s Nazy Germany were pardoned their collaboration in the war atrocities, to be able to come to live and work in the United States of America. As Americans have that type of pragmatism, that has respect for knowledge, that can be useful for life. NASA, famous American center for Space science, was lead by famous German scientist, who builds the first rocket to fly to the Moon.

It’s also popularized through the fiction, of famous American Hollywood. So the people accept the approach of “The Force”.

What it means in real life – is: they do things by force – bending the will for life – their own will for life – and or the will of life of someone else. If you’re bending someone’s will of life – given to every living soul by God – then it means: you’re not on the side of the Creator of Life, God – but you’re on the opposite side, of the Destruction of life.

The type of maths, ruling in that part of the World, is “force” being multiplied (x), so for example having multiplied photos. The other part of that coin is – divide (:).

It probably would be – Aliens – in America – called “Greys”?

So, if in doubt, about “Could it be true?”, watch the language, of the people living in America. Do they use the word “force”? In what context do they use it? What type of feeling is in them, saying it?

For example… There’s a girl, writing in America emails about “Astrology Language”, who signs every her email with “Let the Force be with you”. She also mentions some things, in her “advices”, using words as “important” or “divine”. Force, being violence, is the opposite of god, free will for life and action, so divine. Important, is life, if you have egalite, equality, fair play standards of equal rights for life and love and happiness, so universal morality towards the world so also to yourself – so it’s the opposite of ego status or status quo approach of cherishing pride instead of life, not to have shame.

For example… There’s a boy, speaking in America, who says: “We forced ourselves, to listen to them, as we were richly rewarded”… Also saying, in some other opportunity: “We should force them, being persistent, till they accept the fair play.”

“Force”, in its essence, is aggressiveness, so violence. It’s the opposite of officially proclaimed preferred approach to live, society, so politics of life that there should be in the West, so also in America – “democracy” – “the right to speak”.

It’s what Good Aliens, protecting Earth / Earthlings, gave to the bad guys’ America… Gamma radiation… To stop them dropping nukes. I guess.

So there was the fiction – painting that – in the movie “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW” – where America is suddenly under the abrupt climate change totally frozen!?

So there was the real life event – just like in that movie – when Niagara Falls suddenly are totally frozen?!

So  we know it from regular weekly reports about the levels of gamma radiation in American cities, by Bob Nichols, expert for radiation, on the site of American veteran soldiers “VETERANS TODAY” – also given on the site of Leuren Moret “GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP” – that since 2014 there is constantly rising the level of gamma radiation in America.

There must be ongoing war, in Space, between various types of Aliens.

About what was talking Gordon Duff, from “VETERANS TODAY”.

So, Americans as it seems are just one part of that fight. If they’re ruled by Greys Aliens. Who are into maths, in the sense of the “Force” x / :.

The influence of the American Greys Aliens maybe could be visible in all the languages of the Earth, in the topics, so sense, and or tempo.

Which would suggest – that the influence of the Aliens Greys – is on the: TOPICS? TEMPO? SENSE?

Which is attacked by Good Aliens, by gamma radiation. TO STOP NUKES.

The other participants in this Space War are other world super powers.

So, it would be the Chinese. Ruled by Alpha Dracos type of Aliens. Who are into maths, in the sense of + / -.

The influence of the Chinese Alpha Dracos Aliens is visible in all the languages of the Earth, in the word “draco-nian” – usually applied on “measures” or “punishment”.

Which would suggest – that the influence of the Aliens Alpha Dracos – is on the: WORDS?

The attack by Good Aliens, on them, is by alpha radiation? TO STOP BLACK HOLES?

So, it would be the Russsians. Ruled by ? type of Aliens. Who are into maths, in the sense of rooting out the male or female fire.

The influence of the Russian ? Aliens maybe could be detected in all the languages of the Earth, in the tone, accents, syntax of the sentences?

Which would suggest – that the influence of the Aliens ? ruling Russians – is on the: TONE? ACCENTS? SYNTAX OF THE SENTENCES? (PHONETICS?)

The attack by Good Aliens, on them, is by beta radiation? TO STOP – RADIATION? Radiation attracting BLACK HAND TOUCHING parts of things (typing on computers, kitchen dishes, cloths, cloths storage in furniture).

The essence of the problem, concerning Aliens – being too much into maths, so into numbers – is that they are trying to exterminate Earthlings influencing the language, reasoning, communication – so understanding of the reason what’s going on / and or self expression of the emotions of the soul.

This can be visible everywhere now.




Letters of the words deformed – are BLACKMAILING – so influencing in not good sense THE LIFE CONDITIONS. It’s done by ALPHA radiation.

Not quote marks, tone, accents, syntax of the sentence – is UNDERESTIMATING  someone – so influencing in not good sense THE LIFE STATES. It’s done by BETA radiation.

Senseless meanings, tempo, topics – is OVERESTIMATING own self – so influencing in not good sense THE LIFE NEEDS. It’s done by GAMMA radiation.

These influences are trying to stop the good influence of the Sun – protecting Earth / Earhlings – giving you

  1. WARMTH of the Sun – (temp – green – stable)
  2. LIGHT of the Sun – (speed – yellow – unstable)
  3. BALANCE OF ACTION so GOOD MATTER – by the magnetic storms of the Sun’s proton wind – (density – red – storm)

This is what life is:

  1. Thermo dynamics of movements and walk
  2. Articulation of speaking and voice
  3. Deduction of the looks to the awareness
  4. Being in your own skin

When LIFE is supported – it’s someone’s HEART of the kid in them – so also what makes you FALL IN LOVE / make you BE IN LOVE:

  1. DANCING –
  2. SINGING –
  4. Having NICE IMAGINATION – careless playing / acting

If LIFE IS UNDER ATTACK – it’s by the so called “RIDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE” – attacking LOVE:

  1. WORKACHOLICS – no dancing – so VIOLENCE – COLD (topics)(approach) (no TENDERNESS of good approach)
  2. TALKACHOLICS – no singing – so LABELLING with bad names – TENSE (tone) (relationships)(no PEACE of good relationships of fair play)
  3. CONTEMPLOCHOLICS – no smiling, no laughing, no joking, no healthy sense of humor, no healthy boundaries, no placer, no placebo, so nocebo – so CRITICS – BITTER (words)(attitudes)(no JOY of attitude of GRATITUDE)


  1. Gamma – COLD – between slow and fast death
  2. Beta – HIGH TENSION OF ELECTRICITY – sudden death – fast death
  3. Alpha – BITTER POISONS – slow death

You can see it in LANGUAGE… Are there good nice words of LOVE LANGUAGE?

  1. “PLEASE!”
  2. “EXCUSE ME!” / “FORGIVE ME!” / ACCEPTABLE EXPLANATION: of what you do, your decisions, and or of what you like, love, your choices

You can see it in HOW SOMEONE BEHAVES… Are there good nice customs of LOVE BEHAVIOUR? Nice gestures?

  2. DEMINUTIVES calling your name / nice NICK NAMES
  3. Making possible for you / and or allowing you have NICE IMAGINATION / CARELESS PLAY

This ATTACK ON LIFE is managed, now, through the GRAPHENE OXIDE, 666 equal number of physics of thinking (RADIO WAVES) in the “anti-“covid” vaccines – that cause OXIDATIVE STRESS of  the “orders” of the “New World Order” of what “to do”:

  1. MAGNET – cold – make you like stone – neutrons – gamma – colors / photons (attacking HEART) (SUDDEN cardiac arrest)
  2. NEURO MODULATOR – tense – electrons – beta (attacking LIVER?) (DIABETES?)
  3. TOXIC – bitter – protons – alpha (attacking BRAIN) (STROKE)

Bad influence of the bad Aliens on LIFE on Earth – trying to stop the connection to the Sun – so Sun in everybody – is through:

  1. GAMMA – makes you COLD – CUT YOU – cutting HIGH DENSITY language while you speak (spoiling balance of electrolytes Na K)
  2. BETA – makes you SUFFOCATED – BURN YOU – burning LASER concentration of the attention (spoiling balance of electrolytes Ph Cl iodine)
  3. ALPHA – makes you TOO HARD – POISON YOU – poisoning COLORFUL memories (spoiling balance of electrolytes Mg Ca)


  1. No having own FIRE – makes someone suffer from mental illness COM/PULS/IVE OBSSESSION – who instead of having SEXUAL SUPPORT in own NOT SHAKEABLE fire looks for it in the BEAUTY of the others – who blocks in such people freedoms and disposal of own property
  2. No having own AIR – makes someone suffer from mental illness SHISOPHRENIC PARANOIA – who instead of having MENTAL DIRECTION in own SURE air looks for it in the GOODNESS of the others – who proclaims “own” the rights or merits of such others
  3. No having own WATER – makes someone suffer from mental illness MANIACAL DEPRESSION – who instead of having EMOTIONAL SUPPORT in own STABLE water looks for it in the SMART CLEVERNESSS of the others – making such people victims, imposing them own responsibilities, or guilts

The intention of the bad Aliens Is to DIVIDE Earthlings – through various types of SUSPICIOUS – that can DIVIDE YOU – so DIVIDE THE WORLD:

  1. GAMMA – is someone COLD – OVERESTIMATING himself / herself – having suspicion in the moving MOTIVE – attributing you some motive, whether bad motive (evil intentions), or personal motive (as if it has to do something with them) – such persons not offerin you / giving you NON OSCILATING LOVE (they spoil or don’t take you out of your NOT MET CORE LIFE NEEDS: types of needs / phases of development of the needs)
  2. BETA – is someone TENSE – UNDERESTIMATING other(s) – having suspicion in the WEAPON / and or CAPABILITY, for life, for action – such persons not offering you / giving you ETERNAL LOVE (they spoil or don’t take you out of your BAD LIFE STATES: states of consciousness / states of health)
  3. ALPHA – is someone BITTER – BLACKMAILING  other(s) – having suspicion in the OPPORTUNITY, chances, looks – such persons not offering you / giving you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (they spoil or don’t take you out of your BAD LIFE CONDITION: not having good chances / risk)

You can notice such type of the DIVIDED HEAD in someone – with ACID SUSPICIONS – in how they approach to the PROBLEM – in the not so good times – of TROUBLES:

  1. GAMA – SUSPICION IN MOTIVE – “You are doing that to me intentionally / having problem!” –
  2. BETA – SUSPICION IN WEAPON / CAPABILITY – “You are crazy! It’s only to you that something like that is happening! There’s no solution to that / your problem!” –
  3. ALPHA – SUSPICION IN OPPORTUNITY / CHANCES / LOOKS – “I don’t see the reachable date of the end of this / your problem” –

This is HOW MARRIAGES of first MADLY IN LOVE men / women DIVORCE:

  1. Gamma – the first equal my wish as well as your wish passes into DICTATING the other WHAT TO DO – FORCING the other to do something –
  2. Beta – then there’s the next bad method applied of YELLING – RAISING TONE –
  3. Alpha – at last, before the divorce, it’s REFUSING TO TALK about problems / using BAD WORDS / and or ACTING IN SOME SORT OF BEING A REBEL (against “the authority” of the other / or his or her “AUTHORITARIAN” dictatorship)

This is EVIL – in the works:

  1. EVIL – MAL/TREATERS – gamma – UNHEALTHY LIBIDO, ID – such people LIVING IN THE compulsive obssesiveness of “ALTER EGO” of too much “cleanness” or repeating million times what they do or doing some movements suddenly or changes suddenly – having no PUBLIC RESPECT –
  2. EVIL – AB/USERS – beta – VILLAGE MENTALITY of the cold heart accepting only what is useful in someone, while it’s useful – such people LIVING IN THE “SHISO”phrenic “reality” of ONLY WORDS that someone says or thinks or wishes – having no CONSTRUCTIVE RESPECT, building little by little their relationships –
  3. EVIL – NEGLECTERS – alpha – OLD TIMES TYPE OF UNDERSTANDING LIFE of the slow brain that is slow to understand – such people LIVING IN THE “DEPRESSION” of the PAST TIME so “I DON’T HAVE” – so being late to the present time – having no SINCHRO RESPECT for who / what they have, get, while they have them, that –

These types of EVIL having weird things as

  1. Evil – maltreaters – “RITUALS” – demonizing others, if they are not able to abuse them any more, so maltreating them because of their: FAULTS,  WEAKNESSES, LIMITS OF POWER –
  2. Evil – ab/users – “PROFECIES” – divinizing others, if they’re with some inborn talent that can be used and abused for the narrow unfriendly or hostil heart of the others’ interests – because of their: VIRTUES, ADVANTAGES, POWERS –
  3. Evil – neglecters – “PORTALS” –

Such people would try / persist in trying – to spoil anything that is GOOD

  1. Your FIRE of the FREEDOM of the instincts of the NOW PRESENT TIME – having unhealthy libido, id – being TOO COLD – as they don’t know how to do it with themselves AT THEIR OWN TASTES
  2. Your AIR of the FAIR PLAY justice – COMING FIRST TO GET or ONLY COMIN TO TAKE – being TOO TENSE – being peasants – or living in a village – or having village mentality users mechanic heart – that weekly accepts the others – just in what they are or can be useful – then rejecting them on the margin of their attention and or the events –
  3. Your WATER  of the TRUTH – they are in DENIAL of the truth – with NEGATIVE thinking – being TOO BITTER – having old type of understanding of life – or being old – remembering only bad things about the others – so REMINDING YOU about what can divide you: DIFFERENCES of tastes, affinities, or who you love / and or PREVIOUS CONFLICTS, suggesting there will be conflicts again.

You normally can have – if not being around / in contact / thinking about – such evil:

  1. Freedom – of your own WAYS – in the APPROACH –
  2. Fair Play Justice – of YOUR OWN PLACE – in the WORLD of the RELATIONSHIPS –
  3. Truth – of YOUR OWN MOMENT in TIME – of the ATTITUDES about LIFE

But evil will NOTICE YOU!

So they will ASSESS YOU:

  1. “you’re BAD SMELL / NOT CLEAN” – they’re JERKS – maltreators – they’re unhealthy libido – or rude people –
  2. “you’re NOISE” – they’re AB/USERS – evil abusers – they’re weak accepti others mechanic hearts just in what can be useful to them then rejecting you – or peasants –
  3. “you’re DANGEROUS / you BITE / you WILL ATTACK” – they’re PLAY-BOYS / PLAYERS – neglectors – in denial of the truth old type understanding of life attitudes – or old people –

So they will ACT ON YOU:

  1. So they – first “OBSERVE YOU” – using GAMMA(/delta)
  2. So they – then “TEST YOU” – using BETA (/theta) –
  3. So they – then “APPROACH YOU” / “if you’re not a threat” – using ALPHA (/omega)

It’s – in the form of the attack:

  1. Gamma – CUT YOU –
  2. Beta – BURN YOU –
  3. Alpha – POISON YOU –

Or it’s the same, in the different package –of the so called “CORONA VIRUS”:

  1. “O/MICRO/N” – (“supervising”) – Pisces – cube – “all seeing eye” –
  2. “CORONA” – (“mercy”) – Scorpio – circle – spike – sugar receptors –
  3. “DELTA” – (“justice”) – Cancer –  triangle –

If we assume that this our World is Aliens ruling Earth – so it’s written as the goal, it could be:

  1. Cube – USA – “Georgia Guidestones” – so there’s Rockfeller’s Foundation’s manual about “LOCKSTEPS” in 2010 – of the owner of the land and building of the UNITED NATIONS in New York USA –
  2. Circle – UK – “Stonehenge” – so there’s the shape of the CIRCLE or CORONA VIRUS at the opening of the LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES in 2012 –
  3. Triangle –

This is – BLOOD:

  1. Cube – BLUE BLOOD – measure of CO2, Ph, carbon dioxide / exhaling / veins – thrombocites –
  2. Circle – RED BLOOD – O, oxygen / inhaling / arteries – eritrocites –
  3. Triangle – WHITE BLOOD – N, nitrogen, ozone after rain / holding breath after inhaling / lymph, lymph nodes – lymphocites –

There is, obviously, some PLOT, of the 1% RICH ELITE, from VARIOUS COUNTRIES / NATIONS of the world – to preserve only 500.000.000 people – EXTERMINATING 90% or “useless eaters”. They AGREED on it, in 8 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, mentioned in “Georgia Guidestones” in the USA:

  1. C-ompass – Direction – intentions – goals – moving motives – CORE LIFE NEEDS – their GAMMA ATTACK on the thermodynamics of movements and walk of the WARMTH of the Sun, so PURPOSE, ROLE, FUNCTIONALITY of the biology of the instincts –
  2. C-alendar – Dates – weapons / capabilities – articulation of speaking and voice – LIFE STATES – their BETA ATTACK on the articulation of speaking and voice of the LIGHT of the SUN, so COLORS, so YOUTHFUL colors and optimism –
  3. C-lock – time – opportunities – chances – looks – deduction of the looks to the awareness – LIFE CONDITIONS – their ALPHA ATTACK on the deduction of the looks to the awareness of the BALANCE OF THE ACTION GOOD MATTER, so proton wind of the magnetic storms of the Sun, so SIZES –

The 1% RICH ELITE is attacking the whole World of the Planet Earth –

  1. GAMMA – knife – cut you – COLD APPROACH – not having TENDERNESS OF THE LOVE APPROACH – being DESTRUCTIVE in approach – exterminating THE WARMTH of the Sun?
  2. BETA – fork – burn you – TENSE RELATIONSHIPS – not having PEACE OF THE FAIR PLAY JUSTICE RELATIONSHIPS – exterminating the LIGHT of the Sun?
  3. ALPHA – spoon – poison you – BITTER ATTITUDES – not having JOY OF THE ATTITUDE OF GRATTITUDE – exterminating the BALANCE OF ACTION GOOD MATTER of the Sun?

Being every one of the super powers’s elite in charge for some type of KILLING:

  1. GAMMA / DELTA – America – Spanish, of South America / English, of North America – 70% of the optimum of the water – Na K –
  2. BETA / THETA – Africa – Israel / Arabs – Ph Cl iodine –
  3. ALPHA / OMEGA – Asia – Russians / Chinese – Mg Ca –

In BRAIN WAVES this would be

  1. GAMMA / DELTA – “deception” / “killers” (CIA terminology) – or “war/ior mindset / alert / peak performance” / “good nights calm deep sleep, like small babies, fair players” –
  2. BETA / THETA – “sexual” / “phychic” (CIA terminology) – or “marriage: everyday – “obligations” (sex, to make kids), “plans”, “conversations” / “dreams”, “being hypnotized, like ugly frog, by the snake, if too tired”
  3. ALPHA / OMEGA – “soldier” / “self destruct” (CIA terminology) – or “learning” / “?” (or if it’s connected to “EPSILON” – “emotional ecstasy”, if there is the water of e/motions, not having the lack of water having fear so no emotions at all acting like actors and actricess your “emotions” being it only words not emotions)

So, watching who’s doing what, it’s:

  1. America – knife – GAMMA Spanish South American “deception”, but maybe “alert”, “warrior mindset”, “peak performance”? / DELTA American English CIA “killers”, but maybe “sleeping calmly and deeply like small babies who are fair players”?
  2. Africa – fork – BETA “sexual”, but maybe “marriage: everyday “obligations (sex, to make kids), “plans”, “conversations”? / THETA “psychic”, but maybe “dreams”, “ugly frog under pressure of the thinking of the others tired, so to be hypnotized by evil snake”
  3. Asia – spoon – OMEGA Russians “self destruct” / ALPHA Chinese “soldiers”, but maybe “learning”?

In the DIVISION OF THE WORLD – which is the trait of the DEVIL – it’s:

  1. America – NO FIRE – they divide the world – in PURPOSE, ROLES, FUNCTIONALITY of the impulses or actions – so the BIOLOGY OF LIFE – on: PRIDE / SHAME – acid / fat – obsessive / compulsiveness – fat complexes about own self – sick big ambitions –
  2. Africa – NO AIR – they divide the world – in COLORS – so the CHEMISTRY of the FEELINGS of the hormones of the glands – on: VIP / not vip, common, not relevant – angry / salty – shisoprehnic / paranoia – salty prejudices, about the exchange –
  3. Asia – NO WATER – they divide the world – in SIZES – so the PHYSICS of the THINKING of the brain waves – on: BIG / SMALL – bitter / sweet – depression / maniacal – sweet illusions, about the others –

This means – they attack – not having the right type of the AWARENESS

  2. Not having THE SENSUAL AWARENESS – CLEAN CHEMISTRY OF THE EMOTIONS – they attack with HALIDES, HORMONE DISRUPTORS attacking CHEMISTRY of the balance of the emotions –
  3. Not having THE SPIRITUAL AWARENESS – ORDERLY PHYSICS OF THINKING – they attack with RADIATION POISONING attacking PHYSICS of thinking of the brain waves –

Putting it in more clear description…

  1. Cube / knife / cold – America – Spanish / American English – are focused on PURPOSE, FUNCTIONALITY of  the ROLE – pride / shame – moving “motive” – or life core needs – exterminating FIRE in the entire world – making problems to the DIRECTION of the BIRDS –
  2. Circle / fork / tense  – Africa – Israel / Arabs – are focused on COLORS – vip / not wip, so common, so not relevant – weapons or capabilities – or life states – exterminating AIR in the entire world – making problems to the DATES of the FISH, SEA LIFE? –
  3. Clock / spoon / bitter – Asia – Russians / Chinese – are focused on SIZE – big / small – “window” of “opportunity” – or life conditions – exterminating WATER in the entire world – making problems to the TIME of MAMMALS? Human race?

Putting that in the context of the electrolytes attacked, it’s –

  1. Cube / knife / cold approach – gamma / delta – Na K –
  2. Circle / fork / tense – relationships – beta / theta – Ph Cl iodine –
  3. Triangle / spoon / bitter attitudes – omega / alpha – Mg Ca –

How do you cure from it?

  1. From the American attack – DAY – LIFE – DAILY REST – Zn, zinc, for wounds healing, vitamin C, vitamin E – natural salts of VEGETABLES / BANANAS for body tiredness cortisol recovery from the MEMO OF OBJECTS – (rest / digest)
  2. From the African attack – MONTH – WEEKEND REST – INTELLECTUAL REST – HOBBY – Se, selenium, vitamin D3 – natural sugar of FRUITS / EGGS natural iodine for intellectual tiredness noradrenalin recovery from the MEMO OF WORK, JOB – (flight)
  3. From the Asian attack – YEAR – YEARLY REST – VACATION – TRAVEL – Mg, vitamin C, Ca, vitamin D – natural fats of SEEDS, BACON / COCOS OIL natural calcium for chronic adrenaline tiredness recovery from the MEMO OF THE PLACE – (fight)

So, what’s that?

  1. America – TOPICS, TEMPO, SENSE (SEMANTICS) – COMPULSIVE OBSSESSION – Rotchield Klaus Schwab’s Davos WEF Great Reset “RE-IMAGINE?” / Tucker Carlson’s book title “POLITICIANS”? / Biden’s Presidential elections moto “BRING” / USA Georgia Guidestone’s C-ompass? – direction? – USA “Georgia Guiding Stones”? – Cube – blue blood – America – knife – cut you – gamma / delta – Pisces cube / Virgo?
  2. Africa – SHISO/PHRENIC PARANOIA – TONE, ACCENTS, SYNTAX OF THE SENTENCE (PHONETICS)  – Rotchield Klaus Schwab Davos WEF Great Reset “R…………?” / Tucker Carlson’s book title “PARTISANS”? / Biden’s Presidential elections moto “BACK” / USA Georgia Guidestone’s C-alendar? – dates? – UK “Stonehenge”? – Circle – red blood – Africa – fork – burn you – beta / theta – Scorpio circle corona spike sugar receptors / Taurus? –
  3. Asia – MANIACAL DEPRESSION – WORDS – Rotchield Klaus Schwab Great Reset “RESET” / Tucker Carlson’s book title “PARASITES” / Biden’s Presidential elections moto “BETTER” / USA Georgia’s Guidestone’s C-lock? – times? – Triangle – white blood – Asia – spoon – poison you – omega / alpha – Cancer triangle / Capricornio?

Left hand Satanist goat snake old witch killing me?

  1. Computer screen – EDGE – With objects – bathroom: dead man’s shaving RAZORS in the bathroom?!! /
  2. Computer screen – GOOGLE CHROME – 666 – With objects – kitchen: ELEPHANTS in the kitchen, with a cat? /
  3. Computer screen – FIRE FOX – With objects – grave / sleeping room: KID’S SPOON on the GRAVE?!! / A LOT OF WATCHES  in the sleeping room – while sleeping in 2018 in the dining room letting me alone to sleep in that sleeping room, so to be targeted?

If there’s some analogy with Schumann Resonance, 7.83 Hz – is it?

  1. Killing my black cat – 8 – on 26 / 06 – also Istrazivac – on 8 – legs – “walk!”?! –
  2. CITY BUSES? – Killing my white cat – 3 – on 21 / 06 – also Povucenko – on 3 – butt – “sit on the wall!”!?! – also killing Philosoph on the 30 / 12 (Ada mall – yellow fence – fire rooting out?)
  3. RANCH BUSES? – Killing my yellow dog – 7 – on 25 / 06 – also Cupkica / Hrabrica – on 7? –

So it was invented the “analogy” of someone else’s “church” / “faith” – of the dogmatic / fanatic type?! – so for killing others / “suiciding alleged sacrifizing”? –

  1. Church – of the cross idiots – Pisces – cube? / knife? / bathroom: dead man’s shaving razors? – DARKNESS of the secrets? – causing THE LACK OF HAIRS ON THE LEGS? – having PROBLEMS IN THE RIGHT BREAST EXACTLY on the day “1” of the 31 / 10 / 2015 – so MY SIS BRINGING ME TO THE PRIVATE HOSPITAL “MEDIC GROUP” for the ULTRA SOUND – DIAGNOSING ME “being in between life and death, having cancer”!?! – the attack on Serbia with NATO airplanes being on day 24? – now President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic being friends with the NATO top attackers on Serbia  from the USA John McCain and Biden and Clinton!?! –
  2. Church – of the cross idiots – Scorpio – circle? / fork? / kitchen: 2 green elephants, vs 3 other elephants, with a cat, near the green elephants??!  – COLDNESS of blind hate? – causing THE LACK OF IODINE, in my neck, so balance of the electrolytes Ph Cl iodine – so 3 TUMORS / 2 MALIGNANT CANCERS in the right breast – so mastectomy of the right breast and lymph nodes right armpit?!! – writing to me EXECUTIVE POWER IN SERBIA, Nikola Selakovic, the lawyer of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic on 23 / 01 / 2019 personal letter email as “an answer to my job search from the President” not offering a job and not influencing in any way to help me in that or anything?!! – so what for was that letter? – the attack on Serbia with NATO airplanes being in the month of 3 March – calling that MILITARY OPERATION “MERCY-ful Angel”!? – now calling in the same manner THE CIRCLE of the Scorpio “CORONA” virus “MERCY”?!! – now President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic being friends with the NATO top attackers on Serbia from UK Tonny Blaire?!! –
  3. Church – of the cross idiots – Cancer – triangle? / spoon? / kid’s spoon on the dead man’s grave?! / sleeping room: with a lot of watches?  – ROTTEN MATTER of non balanced action? – of weak symbiotic not personality with dependency illnesses of the material body? – I was the only one in the STATE HOSPITAL FOR “CURING CANCER” IN SERBIA, spending there whole 9 DAYS, in the spring of 2016, for the ONCOSURGERY OF THE MASTECTOMY of the right breast, while every other woman there suffering from the same problem was in the hospital one or two days after the surgery!? – the attack on Serbia with NATO airplanes being in the year 1999 – now President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic being friends with the NATO top attackers so till recently the chief of the EU European Union’s Germany’s Angela Merkel Hitler’s daughter?!! –

So that the ‘goals” of the World 90% population fits into the “Story about cross”?! – materialistic negative attitude not grateful demons who have joy seeing other suffer or die:

  1. Earth sign – of Virgo? – “Mother Mary” – killed Queen of England on the 8 / 11 of her birthday?  – by the USA – DELTA killers – with the DEW?
  2. Earth sign –
  3. Earth sign – of Capricornio? – “Christ”? – being born allegedly, on the 25 / 12 for the West, or on the 7 / 01 for the East? –

Trying to connect me – atheist – with their deranged disordered brain / diseased brain?!!

  1. America – C-ompass – no 1?! – Pisces President of Serbia puppet Aleksandar Vucic goes on tv “1”?!! – computer modem “stairs” 5G, 4G, 34? – I having a job of a tourist guide in Mostar – So LINKEDIN thinks of me sending me a message about “1 person looking for the news about me, on the outside, and 8 number, in the inside”?!! – I not having Linkedin account?!! – So this would be “A virgin from ex Yu”?
  2. UK – Africa – C-alendar – date – Pisces President of Serbia puppet Aleksandar Vucic goes on tv on the date of “20”?!! – computer modem WI / FI? – no colors white or black? – writing to me In alert YAHOO to tell me that “someone was trying to enter my account”?! – holding Yahoo non stop my WRITING SPACE OF EMAILS in ORANGE FRAME?!! – so this would be connected to my second marriage proposal Arab guy? Or Portugal? – making now the World CHAMPIONSHIP IN FOOTBALL in Arab country? – so this would be “A virgin from Portugal?” –
  3. Asia – C-clock – time in hours? – Pisces President of Serbia puppet Aleksandar Vucic goes on tv in the hour of “9pm”?!! – computer modem “letter” 9? – writing to me FACEBOOK that someone is interested in my account – I not having Facebook account?! – so this would be connected to my first marriage proposal Portugais guy? Or France? – being A FOOTBALLER? – So this would be “A virgin from France?” –

Letting German’s suddenly move the normal date of Basketball Championship, from Germany, to Belgrade, so to fit:

  1. I day – Jupiter – 19 –
  2. II day – Venus – 20 – calling USA President Biden, “to congratulate the election victory”, to the President of Serbia Vucic, on the exactly 47th day after the elections on the 3rd April?!! (in total 11 – so 2) – being born himself on the 20 / 11 as Scorpio –
  3. III day – Saturn – 21 –

Keeping the old witch in her refrigerator the analogies?!!

  1. 19 –downstairs – with some letters, newspapers –
  2. 18 – in the middle – food with “President” on it –
  3. 17 – upstairs – triangle – watermelon – with some letters, newspapers –

Wanting to connect me – maybe – with their invented story of bad actor poser not real sportsman (“basketball player, with no 27 on the orange up”) “Javier” from Spain, “the last survivor”?!! – forgetting that exactly the man with that name gave order, being the Head of NATO military forces, to attack my country in 1999 with USA led NATO airplanes, Javier Solana!?!!

  1. The day – 13 (first number 1)?
  2. The month – 2
  3. The year – 27 (in total – 9)?

That type saying about himself

  1. Year – long – 11 – Aquarius – Gamma / delta – “Yale school”? – USA Air Force Aquarius? – USA led NATO airplanes bombing Serbia? – being home friend with the Rockfeller Clinton Hillary and Bill –
  2. Day – often – 3 – Gemini – Beta / theta (Israel / Arabs) – “often visitor of Aspen”? – USA Navy Destroyer 12? – Central computer? Of the NSA? MAKING ASSESSMENTS about someone? –
  3. Month – clear – 7 – Libra – Alpha / o-mega – “H-arvard”? – USA soil troops? – going on dinners with the Rockfeller Mark Zuckenberg of ‘FACEBOOK”?!! – name / Mercury? –

Making his show in the beginning in a weird way

  1. Starting – with the USA President’s Club DEAD SCULL AND BONES black flag of the pirates!? –
  2. Pausing in the middle – with the ex USA President Trump’s DANCING with several girls in mini skirts?!! – like THE GODDESS OF THE DESTRUCTION from India in front of CERN in Europe having 666? So said to be “a portal”?
  3. Ending – with the movies of Metro Goldwin Mayer’s sign of a Lion roaring? Having instead of a lion a weird “baby” who says: “Bye, bye!”

Could it be that all that is still the total war?

  1. 11 – air – long – Aquarius (Usa AIR force) / 8? / 5? – PENTAGON? Pentagram? Space command? (Elon Musk, from South Africa – “Space X” USA satellite defense, for INTERNET, 5G, 4G, 3G, used for “supervising” the so called “SOCIAL DISTANCING” of 2m or 6ft, for “No reproduction”? – now also, from the date on 8, so 28th, the owner of the birdy “Twitter”)
  2. 3 – often – (Usa NAVY force) / 9? – Cyber war? – “WRITING TO ME”?!! – so “antiCOVID” VACCINES? – graphene oxide of 666 – OXIDATIVE STRESS – like EARTHQUAKE? – stress of the “orders to do” by the NOW? “New World Order”? –
  3. 7 – clear – (Usa SOIL force)? / 1? – Mind Control – Mk ultra? – Targeted Individuals? – so FACE MASKS, to make you ACID, so WITH NO HEALTH?

So that guy is “writing me”

  1. I – on the Saturn’s day – 8 – of the date 2 6 / 02 – on the first date of the DEAD, in the local church in this country –
  2. II – on the Mars day –
  3. III –

As such people are attacking in several ways:

  1. DEW – to burn cars – but also for example to kill Queen of England –
  2. EARTHQUAKES – to shake houses – but also for MAKING earth element STRESS – allegedly – but in fact NUKES traced as earthquakes –
  3. BETA MUTANTS animals or people (spiders) (crocodiles) near THETA optimum water and or individuals? –

So there would be the correlation with WORLD WIDE CORONA VIRUS ATTACK:

  1. “SOCIAL DISTANCING” – 2m or 6ft – (“no reproduction”  – no making new babies) – as USA dr Rashid Buttar noticed: military “supervising” (“o/micro/n”) from space satellites of the internet, activating THE RADIATION POISONING attack with 5G, 4G, 3G – started on the date of the USA Air Force Aquarius 11 – like in Fukushima STUXNET attack on Japan on the 11th March 2011 – so also proclaiming officially World Emergency because of the alleged corona virus but in fact radiation poisoning also on the 11th March now in the 2020 –
  2. “VACCINES” – containing self assembling nano particles to become antennas in the body for the computer brain connection like in the idea of Elon Musk about “neuro link” – with CERN’s 666 – with GOOGLE CHROM 666 – with GRAPHENE OXIDE of 666 equal numbers of neutrons and electrons and protons – so to be: magnet, neuro modulator, toxic –
  3. “FACE MASKS” –

The whole thing being organized like this

  1. USA – cube – of the USA Health body CDC Georgia Guidestones – Rockfeller’s Foundation’s MANUAL BOOKLET “LOCK STEPS” about introducing “LOCKDOWNS” – in 2010 – USA offering the anti-“covid” vaccines: “Pfyzer” (distributed to the citizens of USA, Israel), “Moderna” (offered to: Japan, Ghana), “J / J Jansen” (offered to: the guests of the annual meeting of the United Nations in New York, on the land of Rockfeller, in the building of Rockfeller / also to Mexico) –
  2. UK – circle – of the UK Stonehenge – LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES giving in the opening the shape of CORONA VIRUS!?! – in 2012 – UK offering the anti-“covid” vaccine: “Astra Zeneca”, of Oxford – financed by the American Bil Gates, who openly was speaking about “the good idea of doing the world’s depopulation using vaccines” –
  3. ? – triangle –

This probably being in correlation with the BRAIN WASHING in allegedly “FREE SPEECH” on the INTERNET

  1. TWITTER – based on GAMA / DELTA? (USA Air Force / USA Pentagon Pentagram Space Force?) – social distancing – Rockfeller’s UN New York David Rockfeller? –
  2. GOOGLE – based on BETA / THETA? (USA Navy Force / USA Cyber War Force?) – vaccines – Rockfeller’s executive politician party’s representative Biden backing him Rockfeller Democrat Party Hillary Clinton –
  3. FACEBOOK – based on ALPHA / O-MEGA? (USA Soil Force / USA Mind Control Targeted Individuals Force: Decision makers / Trouble Makers?) – face masks – Rockfeller’s grand son Mark Zuckenberg’s Facebook buying 2020 USA Presidential elections to be able to impose the World attack with corona virus on the entire planet? –

The rich 1% elite of the World having EVIL GOAL / PLAN / “small window of OPPORTUNITY” – to make some new type of the world, that they would prefer:

  1. MAGNET in the vaccine – NEUTRONS 0 gamma colors and photons – Killing – with “SOCIAL DISTANCING” – NO REPRODUCTION – no new babies –
  2. NEURO MODULATOR in the vaccine – ELECTRONS – minus – Killing – with “VACCINES” – to monitor every individual’s on Earth’s thinking in real time / giving them orders of what to do like if they were the military –
  3. TOXICITY in the vaccines – PROTONS + plus – Killing – with “FACE MASKS” – like bank robbers – NO FATAL ATTRACTION between A MAN and a WOMAN – so NO FALLING IN LOVE –

This would correlate to the new ideas introduced by some VIPs among them

  1. Politics – political will – will for life and actions – “COVID” – “Corona Virus Pandemic” – in the HEALTH sector / “SPIRITUALITY” sector – 1 RELIGION: NO RELIGION –
  2. Security – “NWO” – “New World Order” – in the MILITARY sector – 1 WORLD ARMY – NATO? – the world with NO BORDERS – so 1 World Government –
  3. Economy – “GREAT RESET” – in the FINANCIAL sector – 1 LAW: MONEY – NO CORRUPTION –

This MONEY ELITE of the 1% of the richest in the world GOAL / PLAN / OPPORTUNITY not quite being in correlation with the officially proclaimed preferred goals of the for example CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS in the USA

  1. “CHURCH” – so their concern in the Midterms elections in the USA in 2022 about CRIME –
  2. “COUNTRY” – so their concern in the Midterms elections in the USA in 2022 about MIGRANTS suffocating them from their Southern Border –
  3. “FAMILY” – so their concern in the Midterms elections in the USA in 2022 about INFLATION –

This MONEY ELITE of the 1% of the riches in the world GOAL / PLAN / OPPORTUNITY not quite being in correlation with the officially proclaimed preferred goals of the for example SO CALLED EAST / COMMUNIST COUNTRIES / OR NEUTRAL COUNTRIES

  1. USA official politics of the Rockfellers / Europe Rotchields Macron said: “… (we blocked them money, economy, with sanctions), but they didn’t change THEIR POLITICS!?!” (POLITICS OF LIFE – FREE WILL FOR LIFE AND ACTION)
  2. USA official politics of the Rockfellers / Europe Rotchields Macron said: “… (we blocked them money, economy, with sanctions), but they didn’t change THEIR (CUSTOMS of) BEHAVIOUR!?!” (SELF DEFENSE – SECURITY)
  3. USA official politics of the Rockfellers / Europe Rotchields Macron said: in the ECONOMY – we impose them: “SANCTIONS!” (FREEZE MONEY / TRADE)

This is why THE DIFFERENT approach to how the world should look like caused

  1. Attacks – by the “official West Church, having Snake, on the outside, on the inside”, in Vatican, who secretly promote the religion of the Goat, Luzifer, Satan, Devil!? – ON THE (TILL RECENTLY or now) ATHEIST COUNTRIES, or of the OTHER TYPE OF CHRISTIANITY CHURCH so East Orthodox Church – so different type of “SO CALLED SPIRITUALITY” – as they promote HEALING HEALTH WITH SNAKE’S POISONS medications of the official Western Medicines MEDICATIONS – (gamma, maybe, being SNAKES, hypnotizing you?) (delta, maybe, being GOATS, killing you?)
  2. Attacks – by the NATO military West countries alliance: ON THE BORDERS OF YUGOSLAVIA, “balkanizing the entire country into several separate countries, who proclaimed independence”, still making troubles to Serbia because it still does not accepts the separation of its till recently autonomous province Kosovo, where NATO made its military base “Bondstil”  / ON THE BORDERS OF RUSSIA, in Ukraine / ON THE BORDERS OF CHINA, in Taiwan – as there’s a plan for the World with NO BORDERS – so 1 World Government / 1 Army –
  3. Attacks – WITH “SANCTIONS” ON the poor or more poor countries: YUGOSLAVIA / ON RUSSIA / etc – as there’s a plan for the World with 1 LAW: MONEY – so “No corruption” –

So, will it be?

  1. GAMMA / DELTA – in the field of POLITICS OF LIFE, POLITICAL WILL, WILL FOR LIFE and ACTIONS – so HEALTH / SPIRITUALITY – “New World Order’s: 1 RELIGION: NO RELIGION” – introducing “COVID” world health emergency / or it will be FREE HEALTH choice / FREE religious FAITH choice?
  2. BETA / THETA – in the field of SECURITY, so CUSTOMS OF BEHAVIOR, so SELF DEFENSE – “New World Order’s: 1 ARMY, 1 WORLD GOVERNMENT: NO BORDERS” – introducing “NWO” world security emergency / or it will be FREE SELF DEFENSE choice / FREE countries choice?
  3. ALPHA / O-MEGA – in the field of ECONOMY, so MONEY – “New World Order’s: 1 LAW: MONEY – NO CORRUPTION” – introducing “GREAT RESET” world financial emergency / or it will be FREE MAKING MONEY choice / FREE disposal with MONEY choice?

Till recently the World was ruled, according to Ben Fulford, in the spirit of ancient Egypt:

  1. Vatican – being in charge for “SPIRITUALITY” (probably also for HEALTH – being the SNAKE the symbol on it)
  2. DC “permanent Washington” USA – being in charge for “SECURITY” – so USA led NATO military alliance of the West
  3. London, UK – being in charge for “FINANCES”

Now, Rockfellers / Rotchields MONEY ELITE of the 1% of the richest in the world losing the battle against the WORLD ALLIENCE of the “White Hats” in the militaries / intel agencies of many countries in the world – after they attacked the entire planet, now for two years, with so called “covid pandemic” to introduce the New World Order, so the Great Reset – allegedly are ready to surrender, so they invited the good guys to negotiate the terms of Peace, in their headquarters in Switzerland – so the good guys, on the advice of the late Queen of England, assess that “it could be a trap”:

  1. 1 – 8 – “spirituality” (maybe also “health”) – OCTAGON GROUP? / some of the CHINESE? – Chinese modem Huawei 8 parts (black / red) – promoting “COVID” pandemic – having the Chinese THE MEDICATIONS INDUSTRY? – so NO INDEPENDENCE – making DEPENDENCY ILLNESSES no personalities – blocked: WATER? – NO WATER? –
  2. 2 – 3 – “security” – INTERPOL / CYBERPOL? – computers hardware? – HP? (black / grey) – promoting “NOW New World Order” – so NO SOUVEREIGN RULE – blocked: DOORS? –
  3. 9 – 7 – “finances” – SOME OF THE BILLIONAIRES FROM SWITZERLAND – “Windows” software of Bil Gates (colors) – promoting “GREAT RESET” – so NO THE RULE OF LAW – blocked: WINDOWS? –

Having the orders / or backing from the USA?

  1. 1 – 8 – WHEN? – 11 Aquarius – LONG: LISTENING / READING? – or it’s NOT READABLE SMALL LETTERS? – “spirituality” (maybe also “health”) – (GAMMA / DELTA) (snakes / goats) – USA air force (snakes?) (gamma?) / USA space force of Pentagon Pentagram (goats?) (delta?) – New York – 8 languages cube GEORGIA GUIDESTONES proclaimed GOAL (DIRECTION) of the CDC health in the USA in Georgia – Big Pharma? –
  2. 2 – 3 – HOW? – “security” – (BETA / THETA) – USA navy force / USA cyber force – Washington – Jef Bezos – “Amazon” / “Washington Post” – “THE PLAN?” (DATES) – central computer of the NSA navy, ruled by Brits USA? – so UK Stonehenge circle – so Big Tech? –
  3. 9 – 7 – WHO? – “finances” – (ALPHA / O-MEGA) – USA soil force / USA mind control targeted individuals force – triangle? (“small window of OPPORTUNITY”) – Big Money? –

The ongoing battle –

… WHEN is it said? Synchro? (blocked: water? – memo? – truth?) – roads of air: the year of birth – 1961 – Aquarius, 11 (semantics – foreigners – topics / tempo / sense / senseless) – THERMO/DYNAMICS OF MOVEMENTS AND WALK – MOVING MOTIVES – CORE LIFE NEEDS – in symbols on the internet – of the CHINESE – modem Huawei – 1 – 8 – (GOAL) (DIRECTION) – Big Pharma (gamma / delta) (6th chakra, Uranus / 2nd chacra Moon, Monday) – blocked: WATER? – erase memo (red / black?) (legs?) (walking?) (cube) (the water?) (the upper part of the refrigerator – 17?) (knife?) (bathroom: edge / dead man’s shaving razors, with my legs shaver?!!)

  1. On the left – blue / yellow sign – stairs 5G, 4G, 3G –
  2. In the middle – orange line / exclamation mark in black – WI FI white / black
  3. On the right – red white “x” – letter 9 –

… HOW is it said? With love? (blocked: air? – concentration? – Fair play? Future?) – roads of air: the day of birth – 30 – Gemini, 3 (phonetics – animals – tone) – ARTICULATION OF SPEAKING AND VOICE – CAPABILITY, for LIFE, for ACTION – LIFE STATES – in symbols on the internet – of the INTERPOL / CYBERPOL (permanent Washington – USA – hardware – HP – 2 – 3 (PLAN) (DATES) – Big Tech (beta / theta) (5th chacra Venus, Friday, they say the number of it bein 6? / 3rd chakra Saturn, Saturday) – blocked: DOORS? (grey / black?) (butt?) (sitting?)(circle) (the grey LG tv – in front of the entrance door?!!) (the middle in the refrigerator – 18?) (fork?) (kitchen: google chrom / elephants 3 plus 2, with cat?!)

  1. On the left – Edge –
  2. In the middle – Google chrom – 666 –
  3. On the right – Fire Fox –

… WHO says it? Who’s authority? (blocked: fire? – language? – free instincts of the now?) – roads of air: the month of birth – 07 – Libra, 7 (words – kids – words) – DEDUCTION OF LOOKS TO AWARENESS – OPPORTUNITIES, CHANCES, LOOKS – LIFE CONDITIONS – in symbols on the internet – of the BILLIONAIRES IN SWITZERLAND – software – WINDOWS – 9 – 7 (OPPORTUNITY) (TIMES) – Big Money (alpha / o-mega) (4th chakra Sun / maybe 1st chacra Mars epsilon, Tuesday, they say the number of it being 9?) – blocked: WINDOWS? (colors?) (back?) (lying on the back?) (triangle) (the colors on the window?) (the down part of the refrigerator – 19?) (device, allegedly against the insects: red, Mars, on the left, electromagnetism / green, Sun, on the right, ultra sound) (kid’s spoon – on the grave of the dead man?!!) (sleeping room: a lot of watches?!! – sleeping in dining room, in the 2018, letting me sleep in that room alone?!!)

  1. On the left – yellow –
  2. In the middle –
  3. On the right – green –

The evil people – WASTING MY LIFE – with CLEAN / SEXUAL / LYING MORALITY low emotions DOUBLE FACE – blocking my LANGUAGE of FREE INSTINCTS of the NOW – trying to impose “reason”-ing – to my priority of UNIVERSAL MORALITY egalite equality equal rights of high emotions of my SOUL good feelings of LIFE WELLNESS / LOVE / HAPPINESS – in real life?

  1.  MY CORE LIFE NEEDS – MOVING MOTIVES – intentions (semantics: topics / tempo / sense / senseless) – thermodynamics of movements and walk – (bathroom?) – having BATHS? (or having GREEN skin?) – blocked water, soul, ovaries? (estrogen) – trying to impose SURRENDERING of the soul?!! – blocking the REGENERATION OF THE SOUL? – recovery of the soul – blocking MY WATER people who are NO WATER MANIACAL DEPRESSION evil – PLAYERS – making others VICTIMS imposing them their “RESPONSIBILITIES”, “GUILTS”!? –
  2. MY LIFE STATES – CAPABILITIES – dates (phonetics: tone / accents / syntax of the sentences) – Capabilities – articulation of speaking and voice – (kitchen?) – having VARIOUS FOOD? (or having MAGNIFIED my breasts? – into 3 tumors / 2 cancers?) – blocked air, spirit, hyster? (progesterone) – trying to impose IMITATING of the bad examples?!! – blocking the TRANSFORMATION OF THE SPIRIT – recovery of the spirit – blocking MY AIR people who are NO AIR SHISO “REALITY” evil – USERS / ABUSERS – making other people’s RIGHTS / MERITS their “own”?!! –
  3. MY LIFE CONDITIONS – OPPORTUNITIES – times (words) – Chances – deduction of looks to the awareness – (sleeping room?) – having ENOUGH AND GOOD SLEEP? (or having ANGER of not sleeping well?) – blocked fire, senses? – trying to impose BLACK MAGIC?!! – recovery of the senses – blocking MY FIRE of LIFE thermoregulator people who are NO FIRE OBSESIVE COMPULSIVENESS clean “ALTER EGO” evil of the so called “CLEAN MORALITY” – JERKS – blocking FREEDOMS and FREE DISPOSAL OF OWN PROPERTIES

The LOW EMOTIONS – LYING MORALITY double face people – DEPENDENCY ILLNESSES people blocking me – DEPENDING ON MY WORDS?!! – on the internet?

  1. THERMODYNAMICS OF MOVEMENTS AND WALKING – They’re blocking me through INTERNET MODEM Huawei red / black – Negative attitude brains of old type of understanding life people – joy of the suffering or death of the others people – denying the truth – my truth – DISGUSTING bad OLD people PLAYERS – NO WATER people – Dependent – on the WORDS OF “COMFORT” – old people deserving to pay for it in SLOW DEATH SUFFERING OF POISONS –
  2. ARTICULATION OF SPEAKING AND VOICE – They’re blocking me through HP grey / black hardware laptop – Authomatic relationships mechanic hearts – no peace nervous tense village mentality people – MONOTONE bad VILLAGE people USERS – NO AIR people – Dependent – on the WORDS OF “INFO” – village people deserving to pay for it in SUDDEN TENSE DEATH –
  3. DEDUCTION OF THE LOOKS TO THE AWARENESS – They’re SPYING – on the WINDOWS – Destructive approach people – EXTREME bad NOT HEALTHY LIBIDO people JERKS – NO FIRE people – Dependent – on the WORDS OF “COMPLIMENTS” – not healthy libido bad people deserving to pay for it in BETWEEN SUDDEN AND SLOW DEATH OF COLD –

It’s the wrong brains people

  1. “Yale Law School”? – “DELTA” (“justice”)  – BBB? “Covid” – GAMMA / DELTA – dividing the world into: 175 Hz, Neptune?, 7th chakra?, faith or church?, pride, acid, suspicions, obsessive with cleanness and or “alter ego” – 20 Hz, Mars?, 1st chakra?, profession?, shame, fat, compulsiveness, sick big ambitions, fatty lying manipulator cheater (acid drinks, coca cola / fats food) (clean, Virgo? Maltreating others? Obsessed with alter ego? / dirty, Pisces? Political whores? Cube? Maltreating own self?) (“motives”) (water) (core life needs) – COOLERS – OVERESTIMATING THEMSELVES – NO NON OSCILATING LOVE – attributing to the others motives: evil motives / or personal motives? –
  2. “Aspen”? – “CORONA” (“mercy”) – PPP? “NWO New World Order” – BETA / THETA – dividing the world into: vip / common, nor relevant – VIP, 6th chakra, Uranus?, ethno?, 150 Hz, anger? bitter?, accusations? Not denial of the not truths? / not vip, common, not relevant, just one of many, 2nd chakra, 30 Hz, gender?, blame others? Sweet? (bitter drinks, coffee / sweet food, sugars, sweets) (Taurus? Users, abusing others? / Scorpio? The energy makes the full circle!) (capabilities) (doors) (life states) – SUFFOCATORS – UNDERESTIMATING OTHERS  – NO ETERNAL LOVE – easily making assessments about the others? – PERCEPTION? – SELF DEFENSE? – sensory perception? Beta? Venus? Physics? Psychology? Shiso “reality”? Anger? Too hot? / extra-sensory perception? Theta? Mercury? Meta-physics? Para-psychology? Para-noia? Fear? Too cold?
  3. “H-arvard”? – RRR “Great Reset” – ALPHA / OMEGA – dividing the world into: small / big – 125 Hz, Venus?, 5th chakra?, class? Big? Angry? / small?, 70 Hz, Saturn?, generation? Pet parent? grief? Salts? (angry drinks, alcohol / salty food) (Capricornio? Neglecting others? / Cancer? Triangle? Neglecting own self?) (“opportunity”) (windows) (life conditions) – BLACKMAILERS – NO UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – BLACKMAILING LETTERS / SMALL LETTERS / BIG LETTERS / DEFORMED LETTERS – thinking that faced with difficulties someone will give up (suck up – to the rich, up?) / and or that someone will get down (fuck down, spit down – to the poor, down?) – black holes? – CERN? –

Or it’s the distorted 1% rich elite

  1. Year of birth – Aquarius – 11 – antioxidant: Mg, vitamin C, Ca, vitamin D – BRING / C-OMPASS direction / POLITICIANS / REIMAGINING – 8 Octagon – Chinese – 1 USA air force / USA space pentagon pentagram – spoiling SENSE (semantics) – Aliens maths: – / +? (Chinese “Sinofarm” vaccine) – no church? / no health? – pedestrian bridge? – Chinese embassy “Yu”!?! –
  2. Day of birth – Gemini – 3 – antioxidant: Zn, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E – BACK / C-ALENDAR dates / PARTISANS / RE? – 3 – 2 – Interpol / cyberpol – USA navy / USA cyber war – spoiling TONE (fonetics) – Alien maths: rooting out the fire, of the male, or female? (Russian “S/Putnik V” vaccine?) – no borders? – no security? – fence? – yellow fence? – lines on the road?! –
  3. Month of birth – Libra – 7 – antioxidant: Se, selenium, vitamin D3 – BETTER / C-LOCK times / PARASITES / RESET – 7 – 9 – some Swiss billionaires / USA soil troops / USA Mind Control Targeted Individuals – spoiling WORDS – Aliens maths: “Force” multiplier x (multiplying photos?) / 😕 (US “Pfyzer” vaccine?) – no family?

It’s other people’s influences?

  1. 8 – blocked water? – killed my black cat?!! – killed my dog Istrazivac?!! (head / genital problems) – almost all my dogs killed on Monday?!! – Bathroom – CIA – politics of life? – health / spirituality? – other people’s kinetic waves? – gamma, knife?, 6th chakra, Uranus, snakes, USA Air force, Aquarius, 11, CIA, Robert David Steel (South America, Colombian, Spanish, Pisces?) / delta, 2nd chakra, Moon, goats, USA Space force Pentagon, Pentagram, Benjamin Fulford, writing on Mondays his internet columns, taking photo with New York Times? (North America, American English, Virgo?) – possible real problem: 1961 Milan Beko, Aquarius? – maybe problematic black male cat, given by US journalist, who killed his sister, who used to behave like stronger than my biggest dog Povucenko, who was attacking my black cat? (could he be the beta mutant, “delta”, goat?,  killer?, of the Space?,  of Mondays?, or “gamma”, snake?, “health”, of the Air force, 11, Aquarius?) (gamma – nightmares? – attacking with own nails own hair, head? – blocking own free will?)
  2. 3 – city numbers changed?! – blocked doors? – killed my white cat?!! – killed my dog Povucenko?!! (chest / bloated neck) – Kitchen – NSA – security? – other people’s photo waves? – beta, fork?, 5th chakra, Venus, USA Navy, Gemini, 3 (Israel?), NSA?, Gordon Duff? (Scorpio?, 8) (end of the World Championship in Football in Africa?) / theta, 3rd chakra, Saturn, USA Cyber war, Sagitarius?, 9?, green, right hand?, oncosurgery of the mastectomy of the right breast and lymph nodes right armpit?!! (Arabs?), Tucker Carlson?, tv shows at 8 pm, having actions in “Amazon” of Jeff Bezos’ “Washington Post”? (Arabs?) (Taurus?, 2) (start of the World Championship in Football in Africa?) – possible real problem: Emir Kusturica, Sagitarius? / or Russians work together with Tucker Carlson, Republican, 3 elephants (inducing me 3 tumors on the right breast?!), 2 elephants (inducing me 2 malignant cancers on the right breast?!!), Republican Red Lines on their flag, with the Cat (so America “bans Russian cats”?!! – in the accusation of alleged “cat bedding”?!!), to put him to be the next “President of the United States”, that’s why he’s so nicely talking about Russian borders? – President of Serbia’s man, Nikola Selakovic, writes personally email to me answering my email asking for a job with no real help, in August 2018, sending it on the 23rd January 2019?! – then after the visit of Russian Medvedev for the Belgrade Liberation Day in October making Belgrade “the most dirty air city in the world”?!!, causing nausea in me and a lot of noise of all the dogs in the village, dogs start suddenly to die in the village, so also my biggest and strongest dog Philosoph suddenly dies in the matter of days first on the no 3 of 30th December 2019!?!! – they organize the visit of the Portuguese singer of fado on the 23rd July 2022?!! – Portugal being “important” because of something?!! – 23 years after the USA led NATO bombing of my country Yugoslavia, Serbia?!! – Russians probably visited the Portuguese, making him put in his info mentioning of Russian’s football championship?!! – so he puts yellow letters congratulating the year 2020, when suddenly died almost all my dogs?!! – yellow fence Ada Mall 3 floors?! – yellow tower? – evil old witch having yellow objects, “representing” Belgrade, also putting ears ornaments in that cup?!! – writing to the Portugais in previous year in the next days suddenly die my several puppies of the yellow dog and yellow dog female?!! – maybe problematic Soros Israel woman’s yellow cat’s kids, so 2 yellow cats, as Povucenko was against them? (could they be beta mutants, “beta” Venus Friday blue, of 8 Scorpio?, and or “theta” Saturn Saturday yellow, of 2 Taurus?) (beta? – attacking with own teeth own nails, and or chest, and or neck? – blocking own beliefs?)
  3. 7 – ranch buses numbers changed? – blocked windows? – killed my yellow dog!? – killed my dogs Cupkica (breast cancer) and Hrabrica (legs, ran away)?!! – Sleeping room – FBI – finances? – other people’s radio waves? – alpha, spoon?, 4th chakra, Sun, USA Soil, Libra, 7 (China?), FBI, Hal Turner? (kid’s spoon – on the dead man’s grave?!!) (allegedly anti insects device: with green button, on the right, for ultra sound?: gas! Start! (Cancer?, 4) / o-mega, 1st chakra, Mars, epsilon?, USA Mind Control Targeted Individuals, Aries?, 1? (Russia?) (sleeping room: a lot of watches? – suddenly very nicely behaving mother sleeping for months in the 2018 in the dining room, letting me sleep alone in that sleeping room, for being Mind Controlled Targeted Individual?!! (allegedly anti insects device: with red button, on the left, for electro magnetism?: stop!) (Capricornio?, 10) – possible real problem: Zoran Drakulic, Aries? – with the company address in Francuska street – France being important because of something?!! – (could it be that promised dog’s puppies – would be beta mutants, “alpha” Sun’s Sundays, green ultra sound?, on the right?, or “o-mega” “epsilon” Mars Tuesdays, red electromagnetism, on the left?) (alpha? – attacking with own hair, forehead, own teeth? – own free wish? Natural wish?)

It’s maybe demons possessed people, by easy money, sex, power – Luz-i-fer?

  1. FREE WILL, for LIFE, for ACTION – own FIRE – or Luzifer, Devil, DIVIDING the world in: PRIDE / SHAME – Gama / delta (6th chakra Uranus, TOLERANCE, ruling all senses, so BEAUTY) / 2nd chakra Moon) – Foreigners not understanding the meaning, senseless – OVERESTIMATING THEMSELVES – c-ompass? Direction? – CORE LIFE NEEDS, moving MOTIVES of the NOW – or delta FRUSTRATIONS of BASIC LIFE NEEDS or SEXUAL FRUSTRATIONS? – Luz – SHAME, not having beauty, or because of sex? – of the 8 Octagon Chinese “Covid pandemic” – allowing survival among the only 5.000.000 for BEATY? –
  2. FREE BELIEFS – or Luzifer, Devil, DIVIDING the world in: VIP / common, nor relevant – Beta / theta (5th chakra Venus, LOVE / 3rd chakra Saturn, FREE WILL) – Voice – UNDERESTIMATING OTHERS – c-alendar? Dates? – LIFE STATES – or I – WORRY, not having goodness, or because of money? – of the 3 Interpol Cyberpol “NOW New World Order” – allowing survival for the only 5.000.000 for GOODNESS? (officially – having respect for: LOVE?)
  3. FREE WISH, NATURAL – or Luzifer, Devil, DIVIDING the world in: SMALL / BIG – Alpha / o-mega (4th chakra Sun, HOPE / 1st chakra Mars, COURAGE?) – Hypno words – BLACKMAILING – BLACK HOLES? – c-lock? Times – Fer – FEAR, not having smartness, or because of death? – of the 7 some Swiss Billionaires “Great Reset” – allowing survival for the only 5.000.000 for the SMARTNESS? (officially – having respect for: TRUTH?)

Friendly guys warning me? – TO AVOID HIM!

  1. 8 – my Istrazivac dog killed / my black cat killed – Year – Benjamin Fulford also born in 1961, a friend of Colombia mother ex CIA Robert David Steel,  warning me – “HE’S A USER” – “he will not accept  you in his society, he will use you, then kill you” – Saturn? / picture? – (“HE DOES NOT ACCEPT YOU” – he’s coldness)
  2. 3 – my Povucenko dog killed / my white cat killed – Day – USA military Navy man from Navy Gordon Duff, who hates Israel, warning me – Mars? / profession? / creative works? / voice? – “HE’S A JERK” – “he’s associated with pimps / killing prostitute who got pregnant with him” / “he’s not real” / “he’s evil” – (“HE’S NOT HELPING YOU” – he’s rotten)
  3. 7 – my Cupkica / Hrabrica dogs killed / my yellow dog killed – Month – USA “Natural News” cures man Mike Adams, married to the woman from Asia who hates China, warning me – Mercury? / name? – “HE’S A PLAYER” – STAY SINGLE! – “he’s rude, drug addict, having orgies, exposing you” – (“he’s mocking you?” – “HE DOES NOT RESPECT YOU”?)

Welcoming mutant people  to the Europe’s Nuclear War!

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