Intel Drop and Rant, June 2, 2021

Note: After writing this, I have to buy dog food (to keep animals out of the garden) and sunflower seeds, this means dragging one of my Land Cruisers out and loading up the dogs.

Otherwise, I am “bikes only.”  Rode up to Pentwater two days ago in the cold.  Getting old for riding in cold weather with a t-shirt and sandals.  I never learn.

Before reading this, take this advice, and I hope you were “there” already:

Stay off the internet.  No politics.  Drop anyone around you that remotely mentions Trump or watches Fox News.  The joy of Biden is that you don’t notice him.  YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO.

It’s all fake anyway.  Read on:

Deaths are finally starting to go down but we are still spending billions, taxpayer cash, running up health care costs and still trashing our economy over the un-vaccinated.

The solution?

Issuing vaccine passports would be like Bush/Trump and gang did with surveillance and persecution through DHS, crooked cops and Barr’s DOJ against millions of Americans…if you didn’t know.

First of all, you get COVID, you pay cash for care, as COVID 10 in 99.997% of cases, is now an “elected disease.”  We are sick of paying bills for COVID folks.

COVID already laid bare the fact that we just don’t do health care anyway.  It has always been a scam.  Turn on a TV, endless doctor’s shows, all about heart and liver transplants, kidney transplants given out in days.  I ride past (motorcycle) the same home, two years now, a sign on the lawn for their CHILD waiting for a kidney.

This year I lost one child needing a transplant which could only be made available by the Cleveland Clinic if I could donate cash, $500k wasn’t enough.  One thing to note, doctor’s from South Asia flock to the US, many are among the best in the world but others only treat the very rich or shake down patients for big payoffs.

Many of the big clinics in the US are endlessly corrupt.

Beyond that.  OK, you’ve got me started.  The only way to get a pain prescription is to go to a “pain clinic,” which often sell prescriptions to addicts, more South Asia doctors of course.

People in real pain are told to take aspirin and ibuprofen because the DEA has their doctors terrorized for even writing useless Vicodin scripts…a very poor pain killer.  Then, of course, the aspirin and ibuprofen destroy organs, kidney failure…etc…and a transplant or dialysis is needed.  Transplants go to Saudi princes, hedge fund managers or children of criminal elites only.

Even then, one friend, married to the daughter of a Saudi prince, took his wife to the Cleveland Clinic for cancer treatment.  Millions were spent and, when reviewed, the treatment wasn’t equal to what the French, British or Canadian’s give for free.

This was before COVID.

I look at my own medical care, a mix of a couple of outstanding people who work like dogs and make good money, skills and dedication.  Then I look at others, greedy, lazy, judgmental and of grossly inferior capability.

In almost every turn, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners are more competent and thorough than crazy/lazy doctors.

And what did we do with these nurses?  One daughter spent the last year plus in a COVID ICU.  She and those she works with went through ten Vietnams.

Other things we note…that many medical facilities in the US, is it most…give lower quality care to minorities, much lower.  It wasn’t talked about until COVID and nobody writes about it.

Many “foreign” doctors and nurses come from cultures that are purely racist.

And then, now we know, up to 40% of Americans are not just whatever “racist” is….and racism is a natural human trait…(if I have to explain I will)…but dangerously so, racist, stupid, too stupid to live.

Without harping on the election and Trumpsters, the biggest problem that people I meet are tired of talking about, how utterly clueless, grossly immoral and inhuman so many Americans are.

Beyond this, the disappointment I have with the military and intelligence community.  While in West Michigan, and this is a very military oriented area with lots of vets, I run into real combat vets, even surviving Vietnam vets.  Combat vets are a very different group than “military retirees” whose military service was invariably in the rear with the gear.  Same with intel people.  Operational work was done, even years ago, by “contractors” or NOC folks, not career REMF types.

I have never met anyone with TV/film type operational experience at XXX get togethers…and they are all the time.

Over the past few decades, the most dangerous things I have been through have been food poisoning at 4 star hotels and endless checkpoints with armed locals.  I do, from time to time, get to slap around French (not really “French”) pickpockets or scare pushy idiots in supermarkets.

Real combat folks never stay in the military.  I don’t think the military wants them with rare exceptions.  By combat, I mean watch the film “Gettysburg.”  I have a couple of instances of that kind of combat…and it is terror not fun.  Even the Vietnam vets are all gone and 99% of them that stayed in the military spent their time in Vietnam many miles from any enemy living in total comfort and reasonable safety.   That is the real number.

Then, as years went on, these cowards and assholes strutted around with their fake medals lording over congress and the unwashed…and fake press.

This is why they embraced pedo-Trump.  Do remember, this is the military that went full pedo…or was exposed as “full pedo” in 82 with Presidio and the Church of Set.  When commanders weren’t screwing the wives of their underlings, they were screwing their kids, then in 3 dozen bases we knew about.

Similarly, the service academies have, for not decades but for much longer, been cult hangouts for Freemasons, satanists and freaks.

Ah, but you know better?  How?  You saw it on TV or read it on the internet?  What do you know?  Chances are you know nothing and everything you believe is something fed to you as a fictional narrative, no matter what fake faction you think you belong to.

VT exists to fix that and, over the years, we have admitted to ourselves that not one in a hundred has the mental capacity to deal with reality.

As I get older, a disease in itself, I increasingly deal with my own leftover beliefs and misconceptions, a great embarrassment.

The joy is finding people who live their lives and ignored it all, the really smart ones.

But we don’t hear from them, they aren’t on the internet, they don’t have twitter or facebook accounts.

They exist.

I often wish I had been one of them.   And so it goes…

Intel Drop and Rant, June 2, 2021

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