U.S. and Britain Double Down on Yemen Aggression

When the American and British warships start sinking in the Red Sea, Biden and Sunak are going to go down with them.

The United States and Britain have now expanded the Middle East war to Yemen with a barrage of missile attacks on the Arabian Peninsula nation.

It is a desperate act by imperial has-beens that ultimately will hasten their demise.

The strikes involving over 100 cruise missiles hitting more than a dozen locations across Yemen were carried out with American and British warships, submarines and warplanes. It is reported that the Americans used bases in Djibouti and the United Arab Emirates, while the British flew Typhoon fighter jets from their bases in Cyprus.

The first wave of attacks on Thursday night was followed by a second wave on Friday. The latter involved U.S. forces hitting a radar station at the international airport near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Yemen’s armed forces allied with the country’s Ansar Allah rebel movement have warned that all U.S. and British assets in the region are now considered legitimate targets. They said the Americans and British will incur massive revenge attacks. Regional allies among the Arab Resistance of Hezbollah and Hamas have also warned of reprisal attacks.

Ansar Allah leader Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said Washington and London have committed the greatest folly in their long history of imperial misconduct by attacking Yemen.

Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Bahrain reportedly were involved in the U.S.-led attacks on Yemen.

Russia and China were among many international voices condemning the latest strikes on Yemen, saying they were illegal acts of aggression and in flagrant violation of international law.

The U.S.-led strikes were reportedly ordered by President Joe Biden following a wave of attacks by Yemen-launched drones on American and British warships in the Red Sea area earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council voted for a resolution censuring Yemeni targeting of shipping in the Red Sea. The resolution called on the Yemenis to cease blockading the waterway. It also granted nations the right to defend their vessels from attack.

Russia and China abstained from endorsing the resolution, expressing concern that it would be cynically exploited by the U.S. and Western partners to escalate military action in the region. Within 24 hours, the Russian and Chinese skepticism was vindicated by the volley of U.S.-British missile strikes across Yemen.

The resolution has been distorted to justify American-British aggression in a time-honored fashion. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasised that the actions were “self-defense”. It stretches credulity that “defending shipping” as per the UN resolution should permit a barrage of 100 cruise missiles across Yemen.

It also suggests that Washington and London were primed to attack Yemen and that the UN resolution was merely a convenient last-minute pretext.

Another major factor is this week saw the Israeli regime in the dock facing genocide charges for its three-month-long slaughter in Gaza. The eyes of the world are on this regime and its heinous war crimes. Not only Israel, but also its Western enablers, principally the United States, Britain and other European powers. The hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of so-called “Western values” are glaringly evident to the whole world.

It’s not just Israel in the dock on genocide charges. In effect, the U.S., Britain and other apologists also stand accused.

Arguably, the Yemenis have bravely taken a principled stance to support Palestine by using their territorial control of the Red Sea shipping route as a lever to demand the genocide in Gaza to stop. The Yemenis say the blockade on shipping will end when the genocide ends. Yemen claims it has legal right to act in such a way because the 1948 Convention on Genocide empowers nations to use their right to prevent genocide.

Obviously, the most effective way to solve the Red Sea stand-off is to implement a ceasefire in Gaza. But the Americans, British and other European powers have refused to make such a call. In other words, they are complicit in the genocide. Attacking Yemen with their naval armada is blatant evidence that the Americans and their British attack dog are acting to support the Israeli regime and its crimes against humanity.

Biden and Sunak are acting desperately to shift the global focus away from their criminal support for the genocide in Gaza. Launching a war on Yemen – and by extension threatening Iran as an ally of Yemen – is the Anglo-American gamble to use chaos as a cover for their abhorrent crimes.

But in doing so Washington and London are doubling down in their bluffing and aggression. Biden and Sunak are ordering drinks in the Last Chance Saloon that they can’t pay for.

The Americans and British think they can intimidate opponents with a fiery display of cruise missiles. This is just more of their foolish bluffing.

The Yemenis and Arab Resistance are going to inflict grievous damage on American and British assets. Biden and Sunak don’t realize the hornet’s nest they have stoked.

Both of the governments in Washington and London are despised by their own people over a pile of stinking issues, from domestic corruption to supporting genocide in Gaza and reckless proxy aggression in Ukraine against Russia.

When the American and British warships start sinking in the Red Sea, Biden and Sunak are going to go down with them.

U.S. and Britain Double Down on Yemen Aggression

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