Operation Stiff Upper Lip… British Minister Rushes to Kiev Following Artyomovsk Debacle

When the NATO-backed Nazi regime in Kiev is finally defeated, people like Ben Wallace will be answerable to war crimes prosecutions.

Britain’s top military minister Ben Wallace was in Kiev this week on a surprise visit – only days after the stunning news of Russian forces finally taking the city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut).

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the same city being liberated by the Soviet Red Army from the Nazi Wehrmacht and their Ukrainian fascist collaborators.

The shockwaves from the defeat of the NATO-backed Kiev regime are shaking Western capitals, and none more so than in Washington and London, the two most prominent protagonists of the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Ben Wallace, like his American counterpart, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, is up to his neck in pushing this dangerous proxy war.

The fall of Artyomovsk comes after nearly nine months of intense and grueling fighting, which is reckoned, conservatively, to have cost up to 30,000 Ukrainian military deaths. The defeat of NATO’s well-armed proxy army demolishes the relentless propaganda narrative in the Western media claiming Ukraine’s eventual success against Russia.

Wallace has been one of the most gung-ho Western politicians, predicting at the end of last year Ukraine’s victory against Russia.

Now, it’s a debacle akin to NATO’s defeat fiasco in Afghanistan. Questions will be asked: what of all the tens of billions worth of weapons that the West has plowed into Ukraine?

The blowback is going to be torrid for Western posturing about “defending Ukraine for as long as it takes”.

Hence, as a diversionary media necessity, we had U.S. President Joe Biden making the U-turn announcement at the weekend that Washington was giving the go-ahead for supplying the American-made F-16 fighter jet to Ukraine. We also then had the daring cross-border raid by NeoNazi militants from Ukraine on Russia’s Belgorod region, which appears to have been orchestrated with U.S. support.

And then there is Britain’s Minister of Defense [sic] Ben Wallace turning up in Kiev in an “unannounced visit” this week. The haste and impromptu nature of Wallace’s “drop-in” speaks of rattled nerves about the doom facing the NATO war plan. In Kiev, the British minister met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksei Reznikov. Reznikov is part of the corrupt cabal around the puppet president Vladimir Zelensky who has been skimming off millions from the NATO weapons pipeline. It can be fairly surmised that the Kiev cabal is this week nervously looking for ratlines to other ships before their present racket finally sinks.

Wallace is a graduate of the Sandhurst war college and a former captain in the British army. He exudes that stereotypical stiff upper limit that the British establishment types are famed for.

The British minister is a hawkish figure who eats doves for breakfast with an unapologetic burp, and he has vociferously endorsed arming Ukraine to the teeth. The purpose of Wallace parachuting into Kiev, so to speak, was to inject some resolve into the NATO-backed regime following the Artyomovsk rout.

Wallace reportedly talked about the Storm Shadow cruise missiles that Britain delivered to Ukraine last week and which have been used to fire on civilian centers in Russia. Russian forces claim to have shot down several of the British munitions. No doubt, the British soldier-politician attempted to bolster the Kiev regime with promises of more “goodies”, as Reznikov previously called these missiles.

Also discussed was fast-tracking Ukraine’s membership of the NATO alliance. A summit in Vilnius in July is expected to be dominated by that issue. It is unlikely that the Kiev regime will gain admission any time soon given the raging war and corruption in the country. Nevertheless, Wallace’s NATO waffling in Kiev this week was intended as a sop to steady the regime. The British minister is tipped to take over the NATO role of Jens Stoltenberg who is due to step down as the alliance’s secretary-general in October. The British candidate for the NATO post has certainly displayed impressive belligerence and commitment to Western warmongering against Russia and China. Wallace’s words about NATO membership in Kiev this week seem to have been meant as a reassurance at a shaky moment for the regime.

Still, all the same, there is a strong sense that Washington and London’s strategic efforts are floundering in Ukraine. Russia is not collapsing from the West’s economic warfare and indeed it seems to be faring robustly from soaring trade with China and the rest of the world. On the military front, the breakthrough at Artyomovsk by Russian forces could be a pivotal turn in the 15-month war. The financial and military drain for the United States and its Western allies is unsustainable.

This war should never have happened. It could have been avoided if the U.S., Britain, NATO and the European Union had instead engaged with Russia in the first instance to resolve security concerns through politics and diplomacy. But the West arrogantly refused to engage, and the result was the conflict in Ukraine.

The regime that Washington and London armed to the teeth is showing its true colors of rampant corruption and Nazi terrorism. The bombed-out shell of a city that Artyomovsk currently is was caused by the NATO proxies using civilian centers as military cover in the same fiendish way that they did in the now-liberated Black Sea port city of Mariupol. Zelensky at the G7 summit in Japan last weekend even had the mindlessness to make a comparison with Hiroshima and he blamed Russia for the destruction. It was NATO proxies, Zelensky’s foot soldiers, who pulled the city down by turning apartments into garrisons, using civilians as human shields. As Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova quipped in response to Zelensky’s disgusting distortion: if Artyomovsk and Hiroshima are comparable, it is because both destructions were authored by Washington.

A year after being taken by Russian forces, Mariupol has returned to peace and prosperity with the construction of whole new blocks of apartments and other civic buildings. Artyomovsk will likewise recover.

When the NATO-backed Nazi regime in Kiev is finally defeated, people like Ben Wallace will be answerable to war crimes prosecutions. When the judge’s gavel slams down, there might just be a quiver in that stiff upper lip.

Operation Stiff Upper Lip… British Minister Rushes to Kiev Following Artyomovsk Debacle

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