US-China Tensions Intensify Over Taiwan

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas, Manila Chan and Melik Abdul discussed a wide range of domestic and international topics, including the amplified tensions between China and the US after the ‘balloon-gate’ incidents.

Camila Escalante – Journalist
Elijah Magnier – Veteran War Correspondent
Chris Garaffa – Technologist and Member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation
Dr John Dombrowski – CEO of the Washington Pain Center & Practicing Physician
Kiji Noh – Journalist, Political Analyst & Writer

In the first hour, journalist Camila Escalante joined Fault Lines to discuss what seems to be a battle against public disinformation in Brazil under President Lula da Silva. Also, they discussed the current protests still taking place in Peru since last December.

In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier to talk about the antiwar protests taking place, not only in the US, but in Europe.

Later in the second hour, tech expert Chris Garaffa discussed China’s desire to compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites as they are aiming to launch thousands of their own into space.

In the third hour, Dr. Dombrowski spoke to Fault Lines about the latest conclusion from the U.S. Department of Energy that Covid-19 pandemic was likely caused by an accidental leak from a Chinese lab.

Later in the last hour, Kiji Noh discussed the recent increase in China-US tensions as Biden focuses on Taiwan.

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