Hunter Biden to Be Indicted, Trump’s Georgia Case Gets Small Victory

On this episode of Fault Lines, host Melik Abdul discussed several topics from around the globe, including reports that Hunter Biden will soon be indicted by the Department of Justice over gun charges.

In the first hour, Fault Lines was joined by journalist Fiorella Isabel, Journalist, geopolitical analyst and host of the Convo Couch, to discuss the latest US aid package to Ukraine as the Pentagon will send weapons like depleted uranium shells for the US-made Abrams tanks.

In the second hour, Fault Lines spoke to radio host Scott Sands, Ohio-based Host of The Scott Sands Show, about ex-President Donald Trump’s RICO charges in Georgia and the latest setbacks for the prosecution, as the judge overseeing the case demanded they prove how they could try all 19 defendants at once next month.

Later in the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Carter Clews, President of Constitutional Rights PAC, to discuss a possible new indictment against Hunter Biden since the previous plea deal collapsed.

In the third hour, Fault Lines’ host was joined by Kelly Anne Wolfe, CEO of Canadian Democratic Defense Association, to discuss the ongoing trial against two Canadians who organized the trucker “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa as they protested against vaccine mandates.

Later in the final hour, Fault Lines is joined by Elijah Magnier, Veteran War Correspondent, to discuss the increased anti-French sentiments in Africa’s Sahel region, as recent protests in Chad resulted in two killed after demonstrators stormed a French base over the killing of a Chadian soldier.

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