Biden, McCarthy Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement: Will Congress Approve?

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul discussed several domestic and international topics, including the reached agreement by President Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy.

Mark Sleboda – International Relations and Security Analyst
Robert Patillo – Civil Rights Attorney
Steve Gill – Attorney & CEO of Gill Media
Elijah Magnier – Veteran War Correspondent
Jeff Charles – Political Commentator & Host of “A Fresh Perspective” podcast.

In the first hour, international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda joined Fault Lines to discuss the Ukrainian drone strikes that targeted Russian civil infrastructure, along with the mass Russian strikes on Ukrainian airfields.

In the second hour, Fault Lines team were joined by attorneys Robert Patillo and Steve Gill to discuss the debt ceiling agreement reached by President Biden and Kevin McCarthy and what will happen with the deal in the US Congress.

In the third hour, veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier joined the Fault Lines show to discuss the Turkish presidential elections and what Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory means going forward.

Later in the third hour, political commentator Jeff Charles spoke with the team about the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton by the State House of Representatives and the reasons behind it.

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