This Is Who Democrats Are: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Democrats cannot wait for the midterms so they can lose and go back to letting the Republicans play the bad cop.

This is who the Democrats are. It’s who they always will be. They let you have your Bernies and AOCs to create the illusion that progressives can win if they just vote a little harder, but the corporate elites will always have enough of a congressional majority to kill progress. Don’t let them spin this as some sort of freakish anomaly, as the result of not having the right kind of Democrats in office. This is the only way the Democratic Party will ever operate. It’s not broken, it’s working exactly as it’s meant to.

Left-wing Democrats who give the party the illusion of legitimacy are just as destructive as the right-wing Democrats who do the party’s actual dirty work. They’re simply different parts of the same corrupt vehicle, each just as essential to its operation as the other.

If you think watching Democrats fuck everyone over is depressing, wait til you see most of the people complaining about it completely forgetting it happened and giving them another chance.

US progressives were desperate to stop a corrupt fascist president from destroying the country and terrorizing vulnerable communities, but they lost the primary so they voted for him anyway.

If you’d just been staring at a screen watching the movements of troops, weapons and money you would have no idea the US officially underwent a change of leadership in January.

“A second Trump term would’ve been worse” is (A) not a valid defense of Biden and (B) unfalsifiable and therefore logically fallacious. Bleating that phrase is just an admission that your position is garbage.

If you owed $2000 to any of the thugs running the Biden administration and had taken this long to pay them back they would have broken both your kneecaps already.

Sick of that fake Hollywood movie trope where Americans have lots of fun and free time and don’t live in an apocalyptic failed state.

Coming up next on CBS News, the uplifting story of a little girl who is constantly being kicked in the head by government officials and the small town that raised money to buy her a helmet.

You get a sense of just how fucked things are by the fact that they’ve got us paying for our own oppression. We pay cable and Netflix bills and buy movie tickets to be propagandized by Hollywood. We buy their surveillance systems and bring them into our homes. It’s like Trump’s “We’ll build the wall and Mexico’s gonna pay for it”, only real, and way more large-scale. We’re so far gone.

Think tanks are the marketing department of the oligarchic empire.

The best unintentionally hilarious people are those who present themselves as anti-establishment free thinkers and yet swallow every CIA/CNN narrative they’re fed about China with zero gag reflex.

The idea that China or Russia pose a threat to you is so self-evidently ridiculous, so transparently absurd, that the only way to make you believe it would be to propagandize you. And if you do believe it, that’s exactly what has happened.

Documentary filmmaking is an optimal vehicle for imperialist propaganda because its artistic presentation can suck viewers into a presented narrative far more easily than other vehicles, and because there’s no pressure to hold to truthfulness or journalistic integrity.

Leak publishers, investigative journalists and unbought media help spread awareness of predatory power dynamics, which gives predators less room to operate. It mows the tallgrass of the information ecosystem so the lions have a much harder time sneaking up on their prey.

The most destructive force on our planet is human unconsciousness. Unconsciousness of the realities of large-scale human power dynamics, and unconsciousness of our own inner dynamics. The most compassionate desire you can have for the world is for the expansion of consciousness.

Expansion of consciousness just means a growing awareness of truth. A growing awareness of the truth of our large-scale collective dynamics as a species, and a growing awareness of our inner processes as individuals. All of our problems trace back to a lack of this awareness.

The most noble intention you can have for the world is therefore for everyone to become aware of the truth. The truth within, and the truth without, whatever that might be. If this happened, all our collective problems would vanish. Disharmony and full consciousness can’t coexist.

In moments of personal transcendence we see clearly that it doesn’t have to be this way, that collective sanity is possible, that we can build a healthy world. Then we come down and condescending knowitalls explain to us that we are wrong, and, for some bizarre reason, we believe them.

This Is Who Democrats Are: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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