Love Crashes In

Listen to a reading of “Love Crashes In”:

Love crashes in from all directions,
so peel me off the ground like Wile E Coyote
and blow on my thumb to unflatten me.

Love crashes in like an ACME anvil,
like an ACME exploding rocket,
like an ACME exploding female roadrunner doll,
like an ACME exploding orgy of divine light
erupting from the Great Mother’s breasts
and ripping me to shreds leaving nothing but gratitude,
so shake the black soot off from my fur
and clean the coyote-shaped blast marks off the wall behind me.

Love crashes in through my bare feet on the grass
and the wind in my hair,
through the laughter of my children,
through the flying creatures in the air,
through my lover’s hands on my flesh,
through the unknowability of the future,
through the ineffability of the present,
through the ecstasy of existence,
through the boundless Heart in which all arises,
so give me a sign which says “YIPE!”
that I may hold before I start falling.

I am in love with everything,
head-over-hormones in love,
gishy, sticky in love,
in love like an idiot,
in love like a gibbering lunatic,
in love like a cartoon,
so fire me out of a cannon
even though I will surely miss my target
so that
for my very short and ill-advised flight
I can look down over it all
and blow kisses
and howl.


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