Who Was Behind Cyber Attack on US Colonial Pipeline?

The Western media is claiming a “Russian-linked” cyber criminal organization hacked the US-based Colonial Pipeline, creating disruptions in American domestic fuel consumption.

The only actual evidence of the organization – called “Dark Side” – was “Russian” appears to be the use of Russian language included in code used for its online tools. However, as Wikileaks exposed, the US itself developed a set of tools to specifically confuse attribution by translating code into any one of several languages used by US adversaries.


Reuters – Russia denies involvement in Colonial Pipeline cyberattack:

NYT – F.B.I. Identifies Group Behind Pipeline Hack:

Security Affairs – WikiLeaks has published the third batch of documents dubbed Marble that revealed the CIA anti-forensics tool dubbed Marble framework:

Wikileaks – Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:

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