US Artillery Capabilities Fall Victim to “Profit Over Purpose,” No Solution in Sight

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The Growing Weakness of Western Artillery Capabilities

– The US Army has cancelled a long-range artillery prototype because barrels were wearing out too quickly;

– The US seeks to evaluate existing Western artillery systems to extend the range of American artillery systems;

– This is done supposedly after learning lessons from the ongoing fighting in Ukraine;

– The real problem is the collective West’s inability to mass produce weapons and ammunition;

– Longer-range systems may not make them more effective on modern battlefields where counter-battery operations is conducted using long-range drones;

– Russia and China are no longer lagging in terms of military capabilities or the technology associated with them, the determining factor is quantity;

– America’s for-profit arms industry prefers small numbers of expensive weapons over large quantities of simple but effective systems, creating these shortcomings in Western artillery systems;


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