UN Vote Russia out of Human Rights Council – No Investigation, No Impartial Ruling

The United Nations General Assembly voted to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council solely based on accusations brought against it by the United States and Ukraine.

There was no independent investigation, no conclusions, and no impartial ruling – simply a politically-motivated rush to judgment, sidestepping justice for the victims and undermining international law in the process, making the US and its allies as bad in reality as they baselessly accuse Russia of.


UN News – UN General Assembly votes to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council:

***Evidence of Ukrainians Killing People in the Same Manner as Massacre Victims***

Readovka (Telegram) – video of Ukrainian forces executing & mutilating bound Russian soldiers (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) :

New York Times (NYT) – Video appears to show Ukrainian troops killing captured Russian soldiers:

NYT – A video shows Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine being beaten and shot in their legs:

Washington Post – Russia has killed civilians in Ukraine. Kyiv’s defense tactics add to the danger:

News dot Com dot Au – Ukrainian civilians stripped, tied up and beaten by vigilantes in shocking videos:

NYT – Satellite images show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, despite Russian claims:

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