Russian Ops in Ukraine Update: US Sends Drones/Howitzers but Not Enough

Update on Russian special military operations in Ukraine for August 20, 2022:

1. Russian forces continue incremental advances in the Donbass;
2. Ukraine’s Kherson offensive remains stalled;
3. The US is supplying Ukraine with additional HIMARS ammunition but not additional launchers;
4. The US is also sending smaller caliber (105mm) and thus shorter-range howitzers in small numbers to join dwindling numbers of 155mm M777s sent by the US earlier;
5. The US is sending ScanEagle drones similar to Russia’s Orlan-10, but only 15 of them vs hundreds of Russian drones;
6. Despite several successful sabotage operations in Crimea, Ukraine is unable to hit critical Russian targets in the numbers or on the scale Russia is hitting corresponding targets in Ukraine;
7. The US is sending 40 MRAPs and 50 HMMMVs to replace Ukraine’s destroyed armored vehicles;


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