Modern American Imperialism Part 2: Building Eager Armies Helping Colonize their own Nations

– Long before headline grabbing protests, color revolutions, armed conflicts and even war, the US spends years laying the ground work to politically capture a targeted nation;

– Part of this process involved building up cadres of indoctrinated young people through fellowships and scholarships who eventually work their way into a targeted nation’s media, political system, and academia;

– The US maintains a large number of programs including its various “Young Leaders Initiatives” folding young people into Western personal and professional networks as well as providing funding for starting pro-Western political, media, and educational organizations;

– These cadres eagerly serve Western interests at the expense of their own nation’s sovereignty and best interests as a means of maintaining their place within the personal and professional networks they were included in through such “exchanges;”

– Nations can combat this interference by creating their own pipelines through sovereign educational systems, producing journalists, political leaders, administrators and professors who work for their own nation’s best interests, culture, and values;

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