Israel Continues Ops in Gaza, Storms Hospital – US Continues Arming IDF

Update on Israeli military operations in Gaza for November 15, 2023…

– Israeli forces have stormed Gaza’s largest hospital, claiming Hamas fighters are hiding in/beneath the facility;

– Israeli tactics appear to deliberately maximize regional and international outrage;

– The violence is aimed at pressuring regional governments to take action and trigger a series of conflicts that allow the US to reassert a previous conflict-based “security architecture” on the region;

– As the US rhetorical demands restraint from Israel, it is enabling the worst of its actions through a flood of arms and ammunition sent/being sent to Israel;

– Footage of fighting in Gaza is still inconclusive regarding the vector sum of the combat;

– Hamas footage of striking Israeli tanks do not show clear examples of damage or destruction, yet the loss of Israeli armor crews and even commanders suggests at least some serious losses are taking place;

– If Israel paces itself it can continue its operations longer than previous Gaza incursions, heavy losses (if they are indeed taking place) however may limit the duration of the conflict;


Guardian – IDF says it has entered Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital in ‘targeted operation’ against Hamas (November 15, 2023):…

Bloomberg – US Is Quietly Sending Israel More Ammunition, Missiles (November 15, 2023):…

BBC – Israel confirms death of soldier held hostage in Gaza (November 15, 2023):…

Times of Israel – IDF soldiers fend off nighttime Hamas ambush, as battalion commander killed in Gaza (November 2, 2023):…

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