IN-DEPTH: Chinese-Russian History with Mark Sleboda & Carl Zha

Historian and podcaster Carl Zha and international relations and security expert Mark Sleboda join the New Atlas again, this time to talk about Russian-Chinese history and whether or not there is any historical basis for the West’s current desire to see a new “Sino-Soviet” split.

2 thoughts on “IN-DEPTH: Chinese-Russian History with Mark Sleboda & Carl Zha

  • Theophilus

    Brilliant exposé of Russia China relations by Carl Zha. He could have added the effects of the Western attack on Serbia, a Russian ally, and the bombing of the Chinese embassy in bringing the two countries together to resist western agression.

  • Sandy Rinaldi

    enjoyed the whole discussion. Highlights of history & many twists & turns. I want to see the book or books that should come from these stories. I am the old fashioned type. Children & young adults especially need something to see & digest. To link it to discussions like this is the cherry at the top. Sandy Rinaldi, Arkansas, US Army veteran 1971 to 1974, 12 SEP 23


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