The Latest Israeli Bombing Of Syria Proves That Russia Won’t Risk A Wider War To Stop Tel Aviv

The present piece critiques the Alt-Media Community’s counterfactual reading of Russian-Israeli relations that misled them into having false expectations about this.

Many among the Alt-Media Community (AMC) continue holding out hope that Russia will directly intervene to stop Israel’s bombing of Iranian targets in Syria, especially after it commenced aerial patrols along the so-called Bravo Line separating those two countries in the Golan Heights late last month. Those false hopes, which were based upon a counterfactual reading of Russian-Israeli relations that were clarified here late last year, were just shattered by Israel’s latest bombing of Syria via the Golan Heights.

The same Russian military official who announced the aforementioned patrols confirmed over the weekend that “The strike came from the southern portion of the Golan Heights, and the aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace.” The importance of this detail rests in the fact that Israel was neither deterred by those patrols nor did Russia attempt to intercept the incoming missiles. This sequence of events was predictable and explicitly forecast late last month here.

The present piece won’t redundantly rehash the points contained in the two cited analyses but will instead critique the AMC’s counterfactual reading of Russian-Israeli relations that misled them into thinking that Moscow would stop Tel Aviv. A lot of folks can’t accept that President Putin has excellent ties with Isarel as documented here from 2000-2018 per the official Kremlin website and that his country aims to balance regional affairs as opposed to support one side over the other in any given dispute.

In their minds, President Putin is a “mastermind” who’s obsessed with undermining the West and its allies, the notion of which was debunked here last spring and reaffirmed here after his interview with Tucker. While remaining committed to accelerating the global systemic transition to complex multipolarity (“multiplexity”), he’s nevertheless unwilling to take major risks that could lead to a wider war. This disappoints many in the AMC who imagined that he hates Israel as much as they do.

Far from being an ideologically driven anti-Western revolutionary, he’s always just been an apolitical pragmatist who if anything has consistently sought to cultivate mutually beneficial and respectful ties with the West as proven by what he revealed to Tucker, not undermine it like they want. Back in summer 2022, “Putin Cautioned Russian Strategic Forecasters Against Indulging In Wishful Thinking” while addressing his foreign intelligence service, the advice of which the AMC would do well to apply.

Whenever he doe or doesn’t do something that contradicts their “wishful thinking” expectations of him being obsessed with undermining the West, they chalk it up to “5D chess master plan” conspiracy theories instead of maturely acknowledging that they got it wrong and need to change their paradigm. The reason for this reaction is because they’ve begun to behave in a cultish way by treating him as a god of sorts who’s infallible and supposedly so smart that mere mortals can’t understand his moves.

That’s why every perceived setback or contradiction of their false paradigm is instead spun as part of a “5D chess master plan”, which when taken together with the rest that they’ve concocted for “political convenience” whenever this happens, makes them ever further divorced from objective reality. When top AMC influencers peddle this narrative, it misleads countless others and leads to the cultivation of false expectations that inevitably end in disappointment.

The end result is that the AMC’s “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” (NRPRs) might in turn be swayed by hostile narratives falsely alleging that he and his country “sold out” to the West, “Zionists”, the World Economic Forum, etc., thus leading to “defections” from Russia’s ranks to its adversaries. It’s arguably due to this strategic risk that the authorities decided to crack down on “doom-and-gloom” conspiracy theorist Igor Girkin, whose narratives represented the natural evolution of “5D chess master plan” conspiracies.

Circling back to Israel, one can be as anti-Zionist and opposed to Israel as they want while still supporting Russia’s grand strategic goal of accelerating multipolar processes but soberly acknowledging that it doesn’t share their views about Tel Aviv, though that requires maturity, willpower, and control over ego. Few can muster all three, and many AMC influencers manipulate this to peddle “5D chess master plans” in order to generate clout, push an ideology, and/or solicit donations from their naïve followers.

At this point and especially after Israel’s latest bombing of Syria that was done via the Golan Heights in spite of Russia’s new aerial patrols, there shouldn’t be any more doubt among anyone that Russia will not risk a wider war just to stop those attacks. Those members of the AMC who are still redeemable will finally recognize this reality and recalibrate their paradigms accordingly, while the presumably irredeemable majority of them will continue spewing “5D chess master plan” theories ad infinitum.

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