Biden Says No F-16s to Ukraine – But for How Long?

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Manila Chan and Melik Abdul discussed a number of domestic and international topics, including the Ukrainian request for warplanes from the West.

Andrew Korybko – Moscow-based American Political Analyst
Ted Rall – Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist
Ed Martin – President of Phyllis Schafley Eagles
Lauren Fix – Auto Expert & Car Coach Reports Consultant

In the first hour, the hosts spoke to Andrew Korybko about the Ukrainian regime’s request for warplanes and long-range missiles from the West while the Biden administration denied they would fulfill this request in the future.

In the second hour, Ted Rall and the Fault Lines team discussed the delay from the White House in releasing classified documents during Biden’s role as Vice President and the Obama administration found at the current President’s residence and think tank.

In the third hour, Ed Martin joined the Fault Lines team to discuss President Trump’s plans to tour for his presidential campaign and Nikki Haley’s presidential bid.

Later in the final hour, Lauren Fix spoke with Fault Lines about the refusal of insurance companies to cover car makers like KIA and Hyundai because of the high theft, due to a glitch in their onboard computers.

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