Who Is Bola Tinubu?

Leading the charge for military intervention in Niger is ECOWAS chair Bola Tinubu. The Nigerian President says he’s taking a firm stand against the coup in Niamey and has the backing of the West. But an investigation by news website Grayzone questions his close dealings with the US and shady past in America.

According to State Department cables released by WikiLeaks, US officials relied heavily on Tinubu’s assessments for understanding what was happening politically in Nigeria. Court documents from the 1990s also reveal how he was accused of laundering millions for heroin dealers in Chicago. And even though there was no conviction, some speculate US authorities have “got enough on him” to make him their asset.

We interview the journalists behind the explosive Grayzone report:

From Chi-Town bagman to ECOWAS chairman: meet the former money launderer leading the push to invade Niger

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