Jon Stewart & Pentagon Honor Ukrainian Nazis at Disney World w/ Alex Rubenstein

Jon Stewart & Pentagon Honor Ukrainian Nazis at Disney World w/ Alex Rubenstein

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Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World


One thought on “Jon Stewart & Pentagon Honor Ukrainian Nazis at Disney World w/ Alex Rubenstein

  • MzDi

    Living in Chile, I don’t see many comments on the Ukrainian war like in other countries. From my view, and I know I don’t claim in any way to know everything happening in politics here, we just come off of a major defeat of the draft of the new, left leaning Constitution because of a mass propaganda media push from the right among other major problems. People are unhappy with the new center-left government of Gabriel Boric. He just changed out 5 of his ministers after the defeat. He replaced the very controversial Interior Minister Izkia Siches, a WEF new Global Leader, and replaced her with another globalist, Carolina Tohá. President Boric, as I see him, who is a supposed Socialist from the past is now aligning more to the right with the corporatist. I don’t see this ending well.

    As stated by the anti-capitalist website Kaos En La Red, “Among the reasons for the victory of the “No”was the multimillion-dollar campaign of terror and “fake news” the No side mounted”. Another comment was that, “The “Yes” side lost because it was unable to sink roots into the population and that most people didn’t know what was in the new Magna Carta”. “The mass social revolt of October 2019 repudiated politicians of both the center-left and the right.” The draft was around 175 pages and I said all along, in an age of people reading snippets on social media, few will even read it and most probably will only follow whats said on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Boric is trying to unite all sides but in doing so, he’ll keep in power the neoliberal capitalist system which the protests of October of 2019 was mainly trying to throw out of the government.

    With Lula expected to win over Bolsonaro, there will be a massive change for the better for Latin America, in more than one way. Like getting the imperialist countries off our backs.

    What happens in Chile will be determined in the days ahead. The government and most of the parties except the far right is determined to write a new Constitution but will it be for the people or to keep the status quo? Chileans have no problem hitting the streets in protest against their conservative government, with the economic crisis and other chaos happening around the world and here at home, we’ll not see the end of this happening. And, I for one will be glad to see the people standing up and trying to change their government for the better.


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