An emergency note on COVID from VT

Just the facts, as we have always done on COVID.  These are vital:

  • This is the second wave, not the first wave
  • Those now hospitalized do not have pre-existing conditions, the vast majority are in much better health than the first group
  • We are losing over 50% that go on respirators
  • Real death rate for positive tests is 4.86 percent and lowering very very slowly
  • a third of 80 plus die
  • 15% of 70 plus
  • 8% of 60 plus
  • 4% of 50 plus
  • .2% of 20-30
  • kidney failure the most common symptom for those NOT hospitalized (death in many cases)
  • we have very suspicious racial/regional vectors…
  • Trump admits younger people are now getting seriously ill..not dying but getting too close..

An emergency note on COVID from VT

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