Russia Blamed (As Whitney Predicted) For Spain “White Supremacy Attack”

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Russia Blamed (As Whitney Predicted) For Spain “White Supremacy Attack” – Vanilla ISIS Psyop Begins

Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Whitney’s Article:

Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda

Right Wing Extremists Condemned In Charlottesville, Funded And Armed In Ukraine And SyriaNew Tab(29) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “As well as this one:” / TwitterUkraine and the New Al QaedaConfronting Russia’s Role in Transnational White Supremacist Extremism – Just SecurityAERODYNAMIC VOL. 35 (OPERATIONS)_0039.pdfNot Just Azov: Documents Prove The CIA Has Been Cultivating Fascism In Ukraine Since At Least 1948Russia Accused Of “Supporting & Financing” Ukraine’s Nazi Problem That Moments Ago Did Not Exist(38) 12 Ball on Twitter: “Also @_whitneywebb directly predicted that this group RIM would be used for these operations already” / TwitterRussian intelligence agents believed to have directed White supremacists to carry out bombing campaign in Spain, US officials say | CNN PoliticsRussian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain – The New York TimesRussian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain – The New York Timesazov movement – Brave SearchRinaldo Nazzaro | Counter Extremism ProjectWho Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America?New TabNeo-Nazis are exploiting Russia’s war in Ukraine for their own purposes – The Washington PostThis is the dangerous Azov Battalion, the Nazi paramilitary group attached to the Ukrainian army | BrandA Year After 1/6, Ukraine’s War Draws U.S. Far-Right to Fight Russia, Train for Violence at Home(38) Afterhours_Live on Twitter: “Verifiable facts: US Congress made sure the Azov Battalion WOULD get US arms in 2016. CIA has trained them since 2015. FBI verified that the Azov Battalion is neo-nazi, is immersed with Ukraine’s gov & that those in Charlottesville are their US faction.” / TwitterNew TabSeveral Ukrainian leaders ousted amid corruption allegationsUkrainian deputy prosecutor general fired after scandal over Spain getaway / The New Voice of UkraineDeputy Prosecutor General Symonenko resignsNew TabMeta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations listThe Azov Regiment has not depoliticized – Atlantic Council(38) Oleksiy Kuzmenko on Twitter: “Ukraine’s far-right Azov movement now openly talks an EXPANSIONIST agenda for Ukraine and “Fight of civilizations”. “We have to attain victories over foreign enemies by grabbing territory”: Azov’s promo video from the roll-out of the “Centuria” organization on August 1st. Thread” / TwitterNew TabThe Rise Above Movement, Patriot Front and Azov BattalionSeven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret | The NationJanuary 6th: The Failed False Flag Meant To Blame Russia (And YOU) Using CIA Grown Azov Battalion

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