The Kennedy hall of shame on Palestine

Kennedy continues to deny Israeli crimes against Palestinians without conscience

This is so bad, it’s almost parody but unfortunately it demonstrates Kennedy is no different to Biden, Harris and bi-partisan associates when it comes to Foreign policy and the ‘security’ of Israel. He can’t pronounce Chechnya. He calls the hijab “habib”. It’s a genuinely embarrassing display of ignorance and orientalism.

Kennedy once again erases Israeli crimes against Palestinians – Jenin is a “bomb factory” full of “terrorists” and is therefore a legitimate target for Zionist ethnic cleansing. As a lawyer Kennedy should at least know that under international law, Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against a brutal, aggressive, genocidal occupier.

Max Blumenthal wrote on Twitter:

It only gets worse. Kennedy takes a question from a Jewish Voice for Peace activist ( “a Jewish woman who believes in justice”) filmed by Indie News Network – credits here and here.

Kennedy is asked (as a lawyer) for his opinion on the assassination of US/Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in May 2022. Akleh was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper while she was covering an Israeli raid on Jenin Camp that Kennedy has described as a terrorist bomb factory:

‘They were shooting directly at journalists.’ These are the words of one eyewitness to the shooting of veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin Camp, in the West Bank.

Kennedy remains seated during the heated exchange between Shmuley Boteach and the JVP activist. He allows Shmuley to answer questions directed to Kennedy and does not prevent the shouting down of the question.

She is asked for her name half way through the discussion by a belligerent Shmuley who informs her that “Israel is a democracy with a free press” – the activist reminds him that she is not addressing her question to him. Shmuley dismisses the claim of targeting Abu Akleh as a lie, repeats that Jenin is a “terrorist” enclave. Kennedy sits in silence.

Finally more than half way through the exchange Kennedy finally interjects when asked to respond about Abu Akleh and if he would be prepared to sit down and speak to JVP “or do those Jewish voices not count at all?”.

Kennedy claims to not know enough about the case – of the deliberate killing of a US Citizen. He is then seen laughing. He does not even have the courtesy to decline or accept the invitation to speak with JVP.

At this point I really don’t care how good Kennedy is on U.S internal policies, mandates or vaccines. I find his performance abhorrent. His role appears to be to make the U.S. even more isolationist, to divide the anti-imperialist/globalist factions and to turn them against each other while effectively maintaining the support for the US military outpost in the Middle East – a genocidal settler state with a history of illegal occupation, torture, child abuse and regional war crimes, land and resource theft including the almost weekly aggression against Syria and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

If this is the best the U.S. has then it is the worst for nations that have suffered decades of oppression and savagery from the Zionist entity.

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