Syrian/Palestinian voices censored by Zionist lobby and rise of gatekeeper community

Laith Marouf is a lifelong activist and journalist campaigning for Palestinian rights and an end to Zionism.

Marouf is of Syrian descent and has also been a thorn in the side of the Imperialist bloc particularly covering the regime change war waged against the Syrian people since 2011 and for decades prior to the latest destabilisation project.

Marouf is outspoken about the white supremacy and orientalism among even the supposedly independent media and does not shy away from calling it out. His voice is becoming more and more important as the instruments of power in western media and social media ratchet up their censorship of indigenous voices challenging the dominant war-mongering narratives.


Laith Marouf is an award-winning multimedia producer and media policy and law consultant. His media work spans issues of liberation and decolonization from indigenous nations to Arab peoples, while his policy consultancy work is concentrated on building broadcasting capabilities for misrepresented and underrepresented communities the world over.

Follow Marouf’s work here.

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