Context to Crocus, the US, UK, political posturing at UNSC and Israel bombs Syria…again

My reports on UK Column yesterday

My first report is to cover the context surrounding the Crocus terrorist attacks, ISIS or not. I do have a little something at the end that nobody else has reported on to my knowledge so do stay tuned. Watch the full news at UK Column.

One of the articles I read yesterday that I thought was really concise and accurate was by Drago Bosnic for Global Research. I particularly liked his reference to the insidious use of video gaming to hypnotise people into believing the Western fictitious narratives:

It’s only a matter of time before the political West launches its own propaganda campaign that Moscow conducted a supposed “false flag”.

This accomplishes at least two important goals. First, it shows that the US can supposedly “predict events” (when the truth is that it actually engineers them), and two, it creates the illusion that Russia wanted to initiate a wider conflict with the said “false flag”.

However, what many keep forgetting is that the US-led political West has a propensity for projection, especially through mass media such as movies, TV series and video games, all very effective ways to influence the masses and public opinion.

Namely, video gamers surely remember the hugely popular Call of Duty series, specifically its Modern Warfare 2 iteration, published in 2009.

For those who don’t know, there is a particularly disturbing level in it called “No Russian”.

In short, it boils down to a “Russian ultranationalist” group storming the Domodedovo airport in Moscow, killing hundreds of civilians in the process. In-game, this was later used as an excuse by Russia to attack the entire NATO.

Interestingly, the main protagonist in the aforementioned level is a CIA agent named Joseph Allen. His goal was to infiltrate the “Russian ultranationalist group” that launched the false flag.

So, what does this have to do with current events? Well, it’s quite clear that NATO’s strategic planners have a tendency to project events through mass media years or decades in advance. And it should be noted that the entire Modern Warfare segment of the Call of Duty franchise goes even further.

Back in 2019, the already overtly Russophobic Modern Warfare was rebooted specifically to present the Russians in an even worse light. The Pentagon insisted that Moscow, particularly its soldiers, are shown in a dehumanizing manner.

To that end, it even pinned American war crimes on Russia.

Namely, the first part of the reboot recreated the so-called “Highway of Death”, an American war crime committed in Iraq during the (First) Gulf War and shamelessly presented it as a fictional “Russian war crime in Syria”.

It should be noted that the first part of the reboot was released back in 2019, which was three years before the SMO. Either way, it’s perfectly clear that the political West’s endgame is to not only dehumanize the Russian people and manufacture hatred toward them through mass media, but to also shape the narrative and public opinions with preplanned events, often years or decades in advance.

Kirby doing his best “nothing to do with us” performance…

My second report covers the bizarre and distinctly uncharacteristic abstention from the US during the vote for a (non-binding) temporary cease-fire while Zionist forces run sadistically amok in Gaza, assassinating for fun, burying bodies on the beach and bombing the starving civilians as they wait hopelessly for any trickle of aid – preferably not from the sky or dropped in the sea as that has also claimed lives in a cynical and cruel twist of the US pro-Zionist policy.

My tweet today expressed my feelings (not having a good day) about this particular and horrific video that was published after the news yesterday:

Horrifying footage aired by Al-Jazeera shows the Israeli army’s cold blooded execution of two unarmed Palestinians on Al-Rashid Street, Gaza City, trying to head further north.

Despite the fact that they were unarmed, waving flags and raising their hands to show signs of surrender, the soldiers murdered them after deceiving them into thinking it was safe to pass.

Then, they bulldozed over their bodies in an attempt to cover up their crimes.

My tweet reads:

So Zionist/ISIS settlers are planning beach front real estate built on genocide & slain Palestinian corpses? Oh wait – they already live on land soaked in Palestinian blood – for a century. Get this cancer out of this world. It is a contagion of evil.

Finally, Syria is again rocked by more than 60 missiles from Israeli warplanes and drones in the north-east in the countryside of Deir Ez-Zor but also targeting the city itself. Israeli jets used the airspace of the US illegal Al Tanf base to bomb Syria – I mention that the US was the main protagonist but recent information received today confirmed it was Israel alone, although in compliance with the US.

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