Martyr Abbas al-Musawi Foreshadowed the 2022 Armed Uprising of the Palestinian West Bank in 1991

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Basira Press presents a classic 1991 speech from former Hezbollah commander Martyr Abbas al-Musawi which foreshadowed the epic armed uprising of the Palestinian West Bank – which blossomed at a rapid rate in 2022 – which has been inspired by the successes and honest stances of the Lebanese Islamic resistance.

In view of its importance & relevance to the current time, this is a translated extract of a speech of the former Secretary General of Hezbollah and Master of the Martyrs of the Islamic Resistance, Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi, delivered in Western Bekaa’s Sohmar in 1991 in which he stressed his famous commandment that the Islamic resistance must be preserved:

This era – as you can see – is an era of corruption and bloodshed all over the world.

Can you find a country in the world today that does not live in a state of war and corruption?

If the arena is left without directing the weapon towards its true destination, it will continue to be used for the benefit of falsehood.

“Israel” has been planted in the region, in Palestine, then it became a threat to the whole region, and the people are paying the price.

Look at Western Bekaa. How dear have been the sacrifices made as not all the leaders adopting a strict stance?

Beloved sons of the South, how dear the sacrifices they have made?

Lebanon – in general – how many sacrifices has it made?

There is no country left that has not paid a price.

Every day, blood is shed at the hands of the “Israeli” for free & purposely!

What we demand – only – is what the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH) demanded when he witnessed blood being shed freely in the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere without benefit.

What we are saying is that the Islamic nation must resolve its affairs, resolve its position, and then raise the banner of resistance and confrontation against the “Israeli” enemy, so that if this blood is shed, it will be shed righteously.

Any of the prophets, when he wanted to show his sincerity, would say to the people: I do not ask you for a reward, I do not want anything in return.

So, tell me: Did Muhammad bin Abdullah take with him something from this world?

Likewise, they are the sons of the Islamic resistance, and the proof of their sincerity is that they sacrifice everything and take nothing in return.

They pay their pure blood, they sacrifice themselves, they make their women widows, they orphan their children.

They sacrifice everything, isn’t that sufficient evidence of the sincerity of their vision?!

Martyr Muhammad Bajiji – in the western Bekaa – what has he taken with him?

Martyr Reda al-Shaer, what has he taken  with him?

The Sheikh of the resistance’s martyrs, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, what has he taken with him?

All that he said was “I want the honor of this nation, I want the dignity of this nation, I want this nation to return to its genuine civilization, to build its glory, honor, and strength.”

The greatest proof of the martyrs’ sincerity is their blood.

The greatest proof of the sincerity of these people is that they are now under the soil (in the graves). This is proof of their sincerity.

How can a young man in the prime of his life, at age 17 –  the prime of his life – live in a cave in Mt. Safi?

This young man can be in France, where all the incentives and temptations are. This young man can – while he is in the prime of his life – obtain whatever desires he wants, but he has abandoned this world of ours, he has left us. He has abandoned us, abandoned money and isolated himself to God in a cave.

The shortest path to God has been martyrdom. Isn’t all this evidence sufficient to prove the sincerity of these people?

Yes, O martyrs, O sons of the pure Islamic resistance, O Sheikh of the martyrs, even the Palestinian child has believed you.

The people of Palestine’s uprising have believed you. They saw in you – for the first time – their hope and their great dream.

They no longer believe all the Arab leaders after they lied to them and made them live in despair, while when they have seen your blood, they have seen in it the beacon of liberation. They have seen in every drop of your pure blood a path for them to peace and evidence that liberation is near, God willing.

It is enough for this innocent child in Palestine to believe us!

And after he believes us, he prepares – from his heart, despite his wounds and with all his strength – to take responsibility for the confrontation with the “Israeli” enemy, to take responsibility with nothing but a stone in his hand!

Even the Islamic nation – all over the world – it has believed in you, O martyrs, and it has entrusted you.

O Sheikh of the martyrs, the nation has believed in the sincerity of your stance, it has seen that you are the only one who forbids himself to shake hands with the “Israeli” enemy.

When the “Israeli” officers entered the house of martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb in order to capture him, the “Israeli” officer approached him while extending his hand to shake hands.

The “Israeli” officer thought that Sheikh Ragheb would be afraid of the sight of his forces, of “Israel” storming his house with all its might, that he will be terrified and extend his hand for a handshake.

However, the dear martyr’s hand did not move.

He told the officer, “I will not shake your hand.”

Even when the interrogator extended his hand – while the martyr was detained inside Palestine – to greet him, the martyr refused.

The “Israeli” interrogator asked him: “What do you want?  What do you want, O Sheikh?  Why did you incite people against us?”

He replied, “I want you to get out of the area.”

Then he asked him:  “From where? From Lebanon?”

Sheikh Ragheb replied, “No, even from Palestine, you must get out of the entire region. This land is not for you.”

When Muslims around the world observe a stance of this level, they will believe in resistance. What we call for is this only this: we call for bloodshed, but in the right place, for bloodshed under the banner of truth.

This resistance must be on the basis of Islam, on the basis of Islamic principles, and on the basis of the Messenger of God (PBUH)’s teachings, which are embodied by Imam Khomeini (R) and perpetuated by Ayatollah Khamenei.

When we insist on this, it is because we know that this banner is righteous and cannot be tainted by hypocrisy. It cannot be tainted by lies.

At the same time, we do not mind that other factions be on our side, so whoever wants to have the honor of confronting “Israel” should do so, and will notice that we are at his service.

Indeed, we have repeatedly directed our calls to everyone to take up arms against “Israel.” And we insist on them that we are at their service – even those with whom we differ with ideologically, organizationally, politically – we have told them all to go ahead, we will fight side by side, and we will be at your service, the important thing is that you take a step, that your guns are directed against the “Israeli” enemy.

We want all factions to remain united and direct their blood and weapons against “Israel.” This is our basis, and that is why we have weaved many things; the important thing, to us, is that there is no relinquishment of the unified weapon in the face of the Zionist enemy.

The last idea with which I conclude my speech – which is a testament and a wish – is a testament to our people here in the western Bekaa:

We will always do the impossible with our eyes open to be at your service.

However, the basic commandment that the resistance that has always been in your protection, and which you have embraced with all strength as Sohmor, Mashgharah, Maydoon, Ain al-Tineh, Qaliah, Labayah, Zalayah, and all the villages here have sacrificed martyrs on this path, as a token of loyalty and evidence of the sincerity of your pro-resistance stance.

Our commandment is that you stand – as we stand by your side – united in the face of all conspiracies, especially the “Israeli” conspiracies once the resistance is aggressively targeted.

When everyone joins hands in confrontation, victory will be ours, God willing.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

Martyr Abbas al-Musawi Foreshadowed the 2022 Armed Uprising of the Palestinian West Bank in 1991

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