Ukrainian Breakthrough or Bust?

In this week’s episode of the New Rules podcast, host Dimitri Simes Jr. speaks with Scott Ritter, former US Marine intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector, about the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Zelensky’s plans for a new round of mobilization, and corruption within the Ukrainian military.

“Even if the Ukrainians are successful in breaching the first line of defense, there will be nothing left. They will burn themselves out before the second line of defense. The Ukrainians have no follow on forces. This counter-offensive is over. People will continue to die, but it has no chance whatsoever of meeting its ambitious goals.”

00:00 Teaser
0:34 “This counter-offensive is over.”
13:12 Ukraine or NATO: who is to blame?
26:49 More manpower = more hope for Ukraine?
40:28 The thing NATO don’t want you to know about the F-16 supply
46:38 “They now come to grips with a new reality”
58:40 Don’t be a stranger!

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