Scott Ritter: Ukraine JUST Made A FATAL MISTAKE

Scott Ritter shares how Ukraine’s Army, though they are fighting with great bravery, is simply outnumbered. The Russian army has more bullets and bodies to throw at the conflict each day. Colonel Douglas Macgregor has opined the same information.

They’ve stayed too long in Bakhmut and lost tens of thousands of able soldiers. Meanwhile, Russia is training close to 300,000 men and women for the last 7 months and pumping out weapons every day.

0:05 Scott Ritter shares why the US refuses to give Ukraine f 16 jets.
7:50 Scott comments on Lloyd Austin and General Milley’s words
11:30 All the support in the world can’t make enough bullets for Ukraine come summer
12:30 US military running out of equipment. Will cost over $200 Billion to restock
16:40 NATO providing false hope on fighting equipment
17:30 Scott comments on General Milley’s flippant remarks
18:50 Putin’s next move with 300,000 new soliders
21:00 Colonel Macgregor says the US owes it to Ukraine to seek for peace. Humanitarian crisis
27:00 Scott Ritter details the Black Sea fighter jet vs reaper drone story
28:00 Senator Lindsay Graham wants to start shooting down Russian war planes
How a nuclear war treaty saved the world and why we need a new one now

One thought on “Scott Ritter: Ukraine JUST Made A FATAL MISTAKE

  • Guy+St+Hilaire

    As has been the custom , Austin’s words are all about keeping up with the narrative whereas most are starting to realize and see the paper tiger for what it is.Scott is a realist .


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