Scott Ritter, HistoryLegends & Sanya Florida – 1 Year of War in Ukraine

To commemorate the unfortunate milestone of ONE FULL YEAR of war in Ukraine, I have invited some of the top commentators on the situation in Ukraine:

Scott Ritter ( @ScottRitterAgain ) whom requires no introduction, author, pundit, former USMC intel officer & former UNSCOM weapons inspector. Scott’s no-nonsense and brutally honest analysis and insights on the war had been highly valued by millions of people around the world.

Alex from “Sanya in Florida” ( ), a neutral commentator on the war, economics, geopolitics and other issues, in Russian language to mainly the Russian speaking audience. Used to have a channel on Youtube of over 1.2 million subscribers, until it was terminated without no clear reasons.

Alex from “HistoryLegends” ( @historylegends ), a youtube channel with quarter of a million subscribers, that always provided incredible insights in the war in Ukraine as well as coverage on other issues – while linking everything back to history to further our understanding of what is happening and of history.

…to be on a Super Panel to discuss the war so far, from the macro perspective.

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