Foreign Fighters and the Ukraine Blowback — Lessons from Syria and Iraq

Whatever happened to Ukraine’s foreign fighters? What are the parallels between Syria and Ukraine? And where does the Cold War against China fit into it?

To discuss this and more, Rania Khalek was joined by investigative journalist Seth Harp, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and author of the forthcoming book The Delta Force Murders, which will be published by Viking Press.

Seth’s articles discussed in the episode:

Army of Shadows

Putting Ukrainian battle successes into cold, hard perspective

One thought on “Foreign Fighters and the Ukraine Blowback — Lessons from Syria and Iraq

  • Phoebe

    There is too much laughing and white washing by the host who pushes her opinions which is not cool.
    … this has not been a year of war. It’s been ongoing/ intensifing since 2014 when … Ukraine’s Nazi’s burned Ethnic Russians alive in the trade union building … that was at the end of Maidan/US coupe- the same NAZI actions taken 70 years ago against Russians in Ukraine. Nazism is disgusting.

    Russia is not weak – confirm that with Scott Ritter. Be grateful that Russia called a legal “military operation” with different rules than “war” so you haven’t seen the full power of a Russian military war. However, without a rollback of US /NATO attacks against Russia you will recieve full blown Russian retaliation. And they will not be weak!
    You are right about your comments on US regime change terrorism however, Russia and China are offering and making peace agreements with leaders in and around those countries.

    The US is no longer the Military ruler of this planet. Things are changing.


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