Ramona Wadi Biography

Ramona Wadi is a freelance journalist, feature writer, political analyst, book reviewer and blogger. She specialises in Palestine, Chile and Latin America in general, writing about diverse subjects such as the Nakba, Palestinian anti-colonial struggle, the Palestinian right of return, historical and collective memory, the ramifications of the Chilean dictatorship, human rights violations, the disappeared (desaparecidos), the Mapuche, humanitarian aid and human rights abuses, US intervention in Latin America, NATO intervention, indigenous struggle, the Chilean New Song movement, refugee trajectories and forced displacement.

She has conducted interviews with activists, legal experts, authors and academics across Palestine, Chile, Argentina and Cuba. Through her work she has also spoken with, and interviewed, torture survivors and relatives of the disappeared in Chile, Mapuche activists and poets, pioneers of the Chilean New Song movement and the Cuban Nueva Trova.

Ramona has also reviewed books across several genres, ranging from academia, history, politics,  to literary studies, memoirs, poetry, literary fiction and art.

Her work is published in Middle East Monitor, Inside Arabia, The New Arab, Strategic Culture Foundation, Eureka Street, Bella Caledonia, Orient XXI and The Muslim Vibe. Other bylines include Mint Press News, TRT World, NACLA, The Region, The Wry Ronin, Middle East Eye, The Arab Weekly, TeleSUR English, Upside Down World, Toward Freedom, the Journal for Palestinian Refugee Studies, Gramsci Oggi, Latino America, The Palestine Chronicle, Al Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultation, AH Tribune, Truthout, The Seattle Globalist, Global Comment and others. Ramona’s articles have also been translated in several languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian and Romanian.


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