Trump’s Response to the Nazi Democrats

Here is Donald Trump’s response to the Nazi scum that comprises The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.  The dumbshit, insouciant Americans who elected these Nazis on this committee are America’s worst enemies. 

Donald Trump reveals himself in his response as a very great and brave leader of the American people, who have suffered a coup similar to the one Washington imposed on Ukraine and to Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933 by eliminating opposition parties.  

There is no doubt whatsoever that Trump is unacceptable to the ruling elite in the United States.  When Trump surprised the elite by winning the presidency, the elite ordered the CIA and FBI to immediately go to work to discredit the president chosen by the people instead of by them.  Russiagate was an orchestrated lie arranged by the CIA, DOJ, and FBI.  It failed.

The next attempt was Impeachment I.  It failed.

Then Impeachment 2. It failed.

Then an orchestrated “January 6 Insurrection.”  

The “insurrection” consisted of a few unarmed people allowed into the Capitol by police who opened the doors, as numerous videos show, and who wandered around for awhile before leaving, with one taking selfies of himself sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  Only for dumbshit Democrats and their whore media could this constitute an “insurrection.” This is the same whore media that told you the clot-shot was safe, that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction,” that “Assad used chemical weapons against his own people,” etc. and so on. There is no end to the lies of the American “media,” a professional lie institution.

The incident of violence at the “insurrection” was the black cop who shot and murdered a white female US military veteran for no cause except his order to create the image of dangerous insurrectionists and violence.  The cop’s killing by gunfire of a woman who in no way threatened him or anyone else is a thousand times more egregious than Officer Chauvin’s alleged murder of George Floyd who actually died from fentanyl overdose.  The Democrats sentenced Chauvin to years in prison for a non-crime, but the officer who murdered a US veteran was not even investigated.  How could he be?  If he were arraigned, he would blow the whistle and reveal his kill order.

The fake narrative of “insurrection” continues, and added to it is the fifth FBI orchestrated charge against Trump, a charge that the whore media and the former FBI official Peter Strzok presents as Trump’s theft of national security documents so that they could fall into Russian hands.

“Documentgate” is the fifth effort by the US Criminal Justice (sic) system to indict the former President of the United States as a Russian operative.  This is the most absurd event in human history.  The only reason even insouciant dumbshit Americans can fall for it is all the anti-Trump propaganda previously released against him:

“Grab them by the pussy” which turned all feminists against Trump

Porn Star Stormy Daniels sex charges against Trump. This accusation was so off the wall that even CNN, a whore media organization with zero integrity, had to report that the porn star who earned her living by engaging in sexual intercourse for videos that are marketed lost the case. 

The Ukraine scandal — Democrats falsely allege it was Trump, not Biden, who influenced Ukraine with US taxpayers money–see, for example,  However, the truth is the opposite and emerges from Biden’s own words: 

The Ukrainian prosecutor that Biden demanded be fired before he would release  the billion dollar American aid was the prosecutor investigating the fraudulent operations of a Ukrainian company that was paying Biden’s son, Hunter, $50,000 a month in protection money as a director.

This is a long list. Here you can see some of the scandals the whore media created against Trump:

Except for Trump supporters, Americans are too insouciant and too stupid to remain a free people.  They are stupid enough to read the New York Times, The Washington Post, to listen to NPR, to sit and watch CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the whore media  and be indoctrinated.

The whore media serves the cause of the destruction of America, of its morals and history, and glorifies sexual perversity, practices prohibition against free speech and other “offensive” Constitutional protections of human freedom.  The whore media censors more strongly and more completely than the Soviet and Nazi controlled media suffered.

The proof that America is lost is the percentage of the population that relies on the US media and votes Democrat.

A population lied to continually hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by decade has no valid information with which to understand reality.  This is the fate of the entire Western world today.  

Trump’s Response to the Nazi Democrats

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