Trump Should Take A Page From Abe Lincoln

A white liberal Democrat District Attorney in Philadelphia named Larry Krasner says he will arrest the federal agents sent to Philadelphia by President Trump to protect the life, limb, and property of citizens that Krasner refuses to protect.  According to the white liberal Democrat Krasner, looting and property damage are “peaceful protests.”  A number of other state and local Democrat officials and, of course, the presstitute American media, have taken the same position. In Portland, Oregon, for example, it is “totalitarian” for President Trump to use federal agents to protect the United States Court building from being burned down by “peaceful protesters.”

Democrats have defined a defense of life and property against violent looters as an “attack on our deepest constitutional principles.”  In other words the Democrats’ definition of the right to protest includes looting and property damage, which they say are constitutionally protected rights.  

A former Democrat Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, maintains, falsely, that the President of the United States cannot send federal agents to protect federal property in a state without approval of Congress.  Katyal calls the federal agents “thugs” and accuses Trump of leading a fascist “rebellion against our deepest constitutional principles.”

A U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon issued a restraining order to prevent federal police from evicting journalists from areas they close as they contain riots. The dumbshit judge has no law to cite that permits him to prohibit police from controlling riots.

White liberal Democrat Oregon attorney general Ellen Rosenbaum brought a lawsuit against federal police for interfering with Oregon’s “sovereign right” to protect “people within its own borders from kidnap and false arrest.” It is laughable that we now see modern-era Democrats, advocates since President Franklin D. Roosevelt of centralized power in Washington, appealing to the long dead 10th Amendment of state’s rights.

Earnest A. Canning who reports the anti-law-and-order position of the Democrats himself refers to the federal protection of property as “the illegality of Trump’s totalitarian assault.” 

I mention these outlandish positions taken by Democrat officials and journalists against law and order to illustrate that Democrats are aligned with lawless rioters and looters against property-owning citizens. Despite Democrats’ alignment with criminals against law-abiding citizens, polls claim that Democrats are going to win the November elections.  If this is the case, then clearly the American people will have voted for their own demise.

It is not only Democrat public officials who have aligned with criminal looters, but also the ACLU.  I have a notice from the American Civil Liberties Union dated July 24 that “Over this past week, militarized federal forces have escalated their violent attacks against the city’s people. In response, the ACLU of Oregon immediately sued the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Marshal Service. . . . federal agents are occupying the streets—inflicting pain on and silencing people who believe Black Lives Matter.”  The ACLU wants me to send them money so they can remove any federal restraint on looting and property damage.

Even normally highly intelligent people such as my respected friend John W. Whitehead has lost it. John is a constitutional attorney.  He knows that there has been no 10th Amendment since President Lincoln removed it from the Constitution and centralized power in Washington. Yet he accuses Trump of a “federal coup to overthrow the states and nix the 10th Amendment.” 

John describes the federal agents sent in to protect federal court houses and other property as “a task force of secret agents who look, dress and act like military stormtroopers on a raid and have been empowered to roam cities in unmarked vehicles, snatching citizens off the streets.”

It is important to understand that local police forces do not agree with their white liberal Democrat masters or with John Whitehead. The black female Chief of Police in Seattle, Carmen Best, sent a letter dated July 23 (last Thursday) to the Seattle city council, a collection of white liberal male and female Democrats, two Democrat female Hispanics, and one Democrat female from India, informing them that “It is is a fact that there are groups and individuals who are intent on destruction in our city.  Sunday, July 19th and Wednesday, July 22nd have included wide-scale property destruction and attacks on officers, injuring more than a dozen, some significantly.  This weekend we know that several events are planned across the city that will foreseeably involve many of the same violent actors from recent days. There is no reason not to assume we will continue to experience property destruction, arson, looting, and attempts to injure additional officers throughout the weekend and beyond.”

Police Chief Carmen Best then tells the dumbshit city council of Seattle, put into office by dumbshit Seattle residents, that as the city council has disarmed the police and has passed an ordinance that prevents the police from using even non-lethal tools such as pepper spray, the city council has deprived the city of any police protection, because “under these circumstances, as created by Council, we cannot manage demonstrations. If I am not allowed to lawfully equip officers with the tools they have been trained to use to protect the community and themselves, it would be reckless to have them confront this level of violence under the current legal restrictions imposed by Council. . . .  In large crowds, there is no safe way for officers to effect arrests when their colleagues do not have the tools necessary to protect them.”  Therefore, she informed the dumbshit Seattle city council, there will be no police protection against the looting and burning of the city.

On July 24 the black female police chief Carmen Best informed all business owners and residents of Seattle that as they in their wisdom had elected a city council that has prohibited the Seattle police from defending their lives and property, there would be no such defense. You are on your own, she told Seattle residents.  Here is her letter:

Seattle Police Department

July 24, 2020

Dear Business Owner and/or Resident:

Please know that the Seattle Police Department is committed to addressing life safety incidents and calls for service, and responding to ongoing demonstrations and unrest in the city.

Please also know that the City Council Ordinance 119805 Crowd Control Tool goes into effect this weekend on Sunday, July 26, 2020. This ordinance bans Seattle police officers the use of less lethal tools, including pepper spray that is commonly used to disperse crowds that have turned violent. Simply put, the legislation gives officers NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd.

It is important to bring to your attention that yesterday, I sent the City Council a letter ensuring them as the Chief of Police, I have done my due diligence of informing them numerous times of the foreseeable impact of this ordinance on upcoming events. The letter is attached for your reference.

For these reasons, Seattle Police will have an adjusted deployment in response to any demonstration this weekend — as I will never ask our officers to risk their personal safety to protect property without the tools to do so in a safe way.


Carmen Best

Chief of Police 

In case you are recently educated in the United States and, therefore, have no idea what this letter is saying, the Chief of Police of Seattle is telling the business owners and citizens of the city that the City Council they elected has deprived them of all police protection.

Apparently, the same restraints on police imposed by Democrats elsewhere have left a number of cities without police protection. Friends in Atlanta, Georgia, tell me that it is now common practice in Buckhead, an upscale section of the city where no blacks live, for black youth gangs to surround cars stopped by traffic lights and demand money. The black youths stand in front and behind the cars, so the drivers cannot escape without hitting the blacks, which would mean arrest and prosecution of the driver.  If the driver doesn’t deliver the money demanded, the gang begins damaging the car and threatening the passengers.

The Atlanta police, hamstrung by the city government, have announced that the police only respond to murder calls. For everything else, you are on your own, including apparently home invasions, which are multiplying in the Buckhead area of Atlanta but are not a news item for the pressitute media. 

This is America under Trump. You can imagine what America under the Democrats will be.  For white Americans it will be a living hell.  

Now watch the dumbshit white people elect the Democrats.

What should Trump do?  Should he protect government and civilian property that state and local Democrat officials refuse to protect, or should Trump let Antifa and Black Lives Matter burn the Democrat controlled cities to the ground? 

I am in favor of the latter. Americans stupid enough to vote against themselves deserve their destruction if it is a consequence of their own action.

On the other hand, President Trump could take a page from President Lincoln, declared by white liberal Democrats to be America’s Best President. Republican President Lincoln arrested the mayor and government of Baltimore, Maryland, and Maryland’s state legislature without bothering with due process or habeas corpos, ignored a ruling of the Supreme Court, put 300 editors of Northern newspapers in prison without evidence, and held a minimum of 38,000 citizens of Northern states in prison with no regard whatsoever to due process and habeas corpus.

If Trump had a government on his side, which he has not, and if the Republican Party were not a collection of pussies, unlike in Lincoln’s day, Trump could follow the lead of the great American hero, Abraham Lincoln, and we could look forward to a number of Democrat city councils, mayors, governors, district attorneys, judges and the entirety of the US presstitute media being arrested.  Indeed the filth could be sent abroad to CIA prisons and be tortured to death.  What patriot would miss them?

All Americans, black, white, yellow, brown, and most certainly the citizens of Seattle, should understand that disarming the police is what destroyed the government and independence of Ukraine.  When Washington launched its coup against the Yanukovych government, the police were sent unarmed to deal with “protests” that were a veil behind which violent armed revolutionary action was operating.  What the dumbshit Democrats are setting up for Antifa is “Maidan Revolutions” in American cities.  One advantage of such revolutions is that it would teach dumbshit Americans to be more careful who they put in office. 

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Alternative World.

Trump Should Take A Page From Abe Lincoln 

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