This is what the digital revolution brought us

Your information is everywhere on the internet. It is in your banking, financial, credit card, cell phone, internet, utility, and online purchase accounts and in the accounts of these companies’ service providers. Your information is in more places than you can imagine. The internet system is easy to hack, because it was created as an open system for the military.

Depending on what thieves gain access to, they may make purchases on your current credit cards and/or drain your bank accounts.

Identity thieves can also use all or some of your data to open new credit or loan accounts – and then let the unpaid debts pile up.

By opening a lot of new accounts in a short period of time, thieves can lower your credit score. The repercussions of a low credit score are immense.

The FBI, the NSA can put kiddie porn on your computer and arrest you.

We can be spied on without warrants in violation of the Constitution.

Cyber security does not exist. It is a myth.

The digital revolution has totally destroyed our constitutional right to privacy and has left us insecure to every kind of malevolent event.

The shifting of all custom relations costs to the customer, resulting in service users spending endless time with a robot trying to correct service and account problems. Problems previously handled in 3 minutes now take 3 hours, sometimes three days.

The digital revolution has brought us kids who have never played outside in the sunshine and live in a world of video games. We now have reality-immune kids.

The digital revolution is the foundation for our coming Age of Tyranny.

The developers of the digital revolution are humanity’s worse enemies.

The only solution is to bring back the analogue days.

This is what the digital revolution brought us

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