The Latest Fantasy from the NYT: Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia

I forget what year it was that the New York Times ceased being a newspaper and became a shill for the military/security complex.  Now the former newspaper has teamed up with German war minister Boris Pistorius and two presstitutes to hype German rearmament to counter the Russian Threat.  In one of the silliest articles I have ever read, the NYT reports that Pistorius is warning Germans to prepare for decades of confrontation with Russia and quickly rebuild Germany’s military “in case Vladimir V. Putin does not plan to stop at the border with Ukraine.”

Let’s stop here for a minute and remember the Third Reich when Germany was a major military power capable of defeating Poland, France, and Great Britain in a few weeks. Germans were proud and highly motivated, but confrontation with Russia brought a quick end to the Third Reich.  

In contrast, today Germany is a deracinated state taught guilt and self-loathing by decades of American and Jewish control over German education and overrun with third world immigrant-invaders.  Germany has been an American puppet state since 1945, and is being de-industrialized by American sanctions allegedly aimed at Russia but hitting Germany. The notion that Germany would be capable of confronting Russia militarily is hilarious.

Note the assumption that “a newly aggressive Russia” might not stop with Ukraine.  As Putin has made clear both with words and by how he has limited Russian military action in Ukraine, Putin’s goal is limited to the previous Russian territories that Soviet leaders placed into the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. The Russian population in Ukraine was suffering persecution, and that is why the Kremlin intervened.

Washington still thinks in 19th century terms that power is gained by the conquest of land.  That is not the way Russia and China think.  For Russia and China influence is obtained through economic and financial cooperation, not by occupying land or controlling governments.  Washington and Israel are the only two militarily aggressive countries in the world.

The head of Germany’s intelligence service, Bruno Kahl, is even sillier than the war minister.  Kahl said, according to the NYT, “If Ukraine were forced to surrender, that would not satisfy Russia’s hunger for power. If the West does not demonstrate a clear readiness to defend, Putin will have no reason not to attack NATO.”

Clearly, the chief of German intelligence, if it can be called that, has no idea of the dynamics of power.

Ukraine is defeated.  Russia is not pursuing its advantage.  Putin is just sitting there waiting for the realization to soak in.  

The most preposterous aspect of the NYT’s article is the assumption that “hard power” is military power and that military power is independent of economic power.  Germany’s only strength was its economy.  Washington has taken that away by blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline and by forcing Germany to abandon lucrative business deals with Russia. 

With Germany joining Britain in war talk about Russia, it is Washington pulling the puppet strings.  Sooner or later Europeans will figure out that it is NATO, not Russia, that will bring war to Europe.

The Latest Fantasy from the NYT:  Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia

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