The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge

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I just heard from Tom Feeley:

“I have been unable to determine why the website has been  suspended, I have sent lots of, emails, telephone calls and faxes and have not received any response.

“The really frustrating thing is that I am locked out of the C panel and am unable to access files I need in order to migrate to another company’s servers.

“It’s frustrating and infuriating that a company would treat a customer of 18 year  in such away, without warning.

“Thankfully, ICH supporters with tech abilities are assisting me and I hope that by Monday everything will be back to normal.”

It is curious that the host of Information Clearing House has not responded to Tom Feeley. Legally it would seem that the host of the website could tell the owner of the website that the host company had decided to cease hosting the website. But the host should not be able to effectively steal the ICH content by preventing Tom Feeley’s access to his website’s material.

Moreover, ethically, the host company should provide time for ICH to transfer to a new host.

If this is an action by the host, Tom should tell us who is the host so that everyone can protest and boycott that company. Indeed, the host might be subject to legal action.

It is possible that the host is not responsible and does not know the explanation. ICH’s disappearance could be the work of an immature and narcissist hacker amusing himself by causing trouble for others. It could be the work of the CIA, NSA, or Israel Lobby, or some Identity Politics freak. It could be a glitch of the digital world—just wait until there are self-driving cars. You can’t trust the digital world any more than you can trust CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington or London.

We can take for granted that there will be determined attacks on all truth-tellers as they challenge the controlled explanations that those who rule use to hide their real agendas. Not long ago all of the interviews on my site disappeared. Fortunately, it was possible to recover them and provide additional backup.

The cost both personal and financial of providing alternative explanations to the controlled ones is rising. If readers don’t support the sites that are willing to take on the challenges and risks of trying to ascertain and tell the truth, truth will disappear.

Truth might disappear anyway. Consider that Julian Assange has been framed by Washington, which is determined to destroy WikiLeaks for telling the truth, and essentially imprisoned for many years in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. The presstitute media, instead of defending the constitutional right and responsibility of journalists to hold governments accountable, instead worked hand in hand with tyrants to destroy Julian Assange. Yet there are still large numbers of insouciant fools who rely on these presstitutes for their information.

In addition to the growing censorship, I have noticed among younger generations the disappearance of the very concept of objective truth. They see truth as the mere expression of some identity interest. There are racial truths, gender truths, sexual preference truths, and apparently also age truths. The younger ages, or many of them, cannot tell the difference between an explanation and a justification. If you explain something to them, they think you are defending it, or endorsing it, and that it is your belief. In other words, communication on the basis of facts and logical explanation becomes impossible.

I think much of the Western world has sunk into this mindframe, which might also be the case in the rest of the world.

This deterioration in the ability to think and reason is even occurring within science itself. In economics, for example, critics of neoliberal economics and globalism are ignored and their arguments left unanswered. In studies of intelligence, there can be no reference to its genetic basis. Outside science, science itself is said to be a white male construct that serves white supremacy.

In effect, education has become a brainwashing operation that is focused on discrediting “whiteness creations” such as Western civilization and science. White heterosexual males are becoming objects of hatred. They are routinely discriminated against in university admissions and employment, in corporate employment and promotions, even in the military where, according to reports, promotions of white males are more or less on hold while race and gender balance is obtained.

Defense of “whiteness” is impermissible. It is proof that one is a “white supremicist.” Illogical double standards are everywhere obvious. Only whites can be guilty of “hate speech” and “hate crimes.” Yet white people can be called every name in the book and accused of all evil in the world. White DNA has been declared to be “abominable.” As a student newspaper in Texas put it, the world will be liberated when white people die off. Indeed, white people “shouldn’t exist.”

Try saying that about a “preferred minority” and see what happens.

The conclusion is that denunciation has taken the place of rational discussion and fact-based argument. So how does truth emerge? I haven’t a lot of confidence that the concept of objective truth will survive the older generations.

The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge

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