The Ever Widening War and Ever Widening Censorship

The longer the Kremlin sits on its butt, the more the conflict widens.  It seems that what Moscow really wants is nuclear war with the US and NATO.

The Kremlin’s inaction guarantees that if there ever is a Russian offensive, Ukraine will be much better equipped to defend against it.  

Ukrainian troops finish crash course at US base in Germany on US ‘tank killers’ 

The Western media, a collection of the most disreputable and despicable beings on the planet, continues to cover up the extreme danger of the mRNA vaccine and US responsibility for the act of war against Russia committed by Biden blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

Germany Leads Western Nations in ‘Massive’ Excess Death Spike Since Covid Jab Rollout

Among highly vaccinated Western nations, Germany is leading the pack in excess deaths according to available data with a 44 percent increase recorded in January.  Denmark excess deaths spiked 30%. “Why isn’t this being discussed all over the place?” asks Dr. John Campbell.  

The Nazi Censorship that controls social media other than Elon Musk’s Twitter Continues to Prohibit Truth from Reaching the people

Youtube has declared Seymour Hersh’s revelation of US responsibility for destroying the Nord Stream pipelines “inappropriate and offensive and a violation of community standards.”  As I have told you for years, the media exists for one purpose only: to fill you with lies and to suppress the truth.  Note that all the real journalists are in the alt-media.  Not a single one can be found at the NYT, NPR, CNN or any of the TV broadcasters.  

As I reported the moment the pipelines were blown up, it is completely obvious that the US is responsible.  No other government would have dared to destroy a huge Russian investment and critical energy supply for Germany.  No other country had the capability of blowing the pipelines.  The cover story that Russia blew up its own pipelines is ludicrous.  What Hersh did was to prove the obvious.   Originally published in the Unz Review.

Does the Naive, Gullible, Ever-deceived Kremlin Still Think It Can Make a Deal with Neoconservative Regime that Seeks Russia’s Destruction?

The Kremlin has been plagued by difficulty in recognizing reality. A year ago Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was pleading with US Secretary of State Blinken to go easy on Russia and cooperate on achieving mutual security.  This despite US foreign policy making it clear for three decades that its “principle purpose” is to prevent the rise of any country that can serve as a constraint on US unilateralism.  In unilateralism there is no mutual security.  Does the Kremlin not read explicit statements of US foreign policy?  Can the Kremlin not recognize them in operation?  The Kremlin’s unreality is as responsible for the path to nuclear war as Washington’s aggression.  In Lavrov’s deceived mind, after rebuff after rebuff it was still “our Western partners.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday called on the U.S. to drop aggressive rhetoric in dialogue on security guarantees and demonstrate pragmatic approach to this topic, state-owned Tass news agency reports. Lavrov held a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in which the Russian diplomat stressed the need to continue working together.  

“On our part, it was stressed that it is necessary to continue joint work, as was agreed by Presidents [of Russia Vladimir] Putin and [of the United States Joe] Biden during their telephone call on February 12, in the context of the US and NATO proposals on security guarantees,” TASS quotes the Russian foreign ministry.

“Lavrov specially stressed the inadmissibility of aggressive rhetoric fanned by Washington and its closest allies and called for a pragmatic dialogue on the entire spectrum of issues raised by Russia, with a focus on the principle of indivisible security.”–17Gq240za1O/index.html 

The Kremlin failed to  realize what damage such begging does to its credibility.  Little wonder the West believed Russia could be defeated and forced Russia’s intervention in Donbass.  The unwillingness of the Kremlin to use sufficient force to quickly end the war has resulted in an ever-expanding conflict.  

The Ever Widening War and Ever Widening Censorship

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