The Ever Widening War-6

When asked about Russia’s response to the US sending to Ukraine weapons with a 93 mile range, Foreign Minister Lavrov said Russia will establish its position 93 miles further into Ukraine in order to protect the liberated areas.  So if Ukraine then succeeds in getting 190 mile range MGM-140 ATACMS ballistic missiles from the US, Russia will have to go another 190 miles into Ukraine.  

What this tells me is that the Kremlin is still thinking of the conflict as a limited military operation and has not reached the point of thinking of it as a war that needs to be quickly won.  In other words, the slow slog will continue, thereby guaranteeing more US/NATO involvement.  The Kremlin still hasn’t understood that the more and the longer the West is involved, the less the possibility of the West accepting a Russian victory.  The inability of the Kremlin to understand the urgent necessity of quickly bringing the war to a victorious conclusion is leading to a direct conflict between Russia and the West. 

The Ever Widening War

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