The Deracination of White Ethnicities

The erasure of Western culture is occurring in front of our eyes.  We sit dumbfounded watching deracinated white ethnicities erasing themselves.

Western culture won us the victories of the rule of law, which means government is held accountable to the people. This historic victory, the result of centuries of struggle, has been lost.

On September 2, 2021, I posted links to two articles discussing the replacement of white people in countries in which they are still a majority.  White unconcern at becoming a racial minority when, while still a majority, they already suffer racial and cultural discrimination, raises the question of their will to survive. What do whites expect their future to be when they are a demonized minority, the racist, exploitative, privileged race that Identity Politics is uniting a majority against?

White people have been brainwashed for decades about their racism, about the need for diversity and multiculturalism, that is, the need for their country to become a Tower of Babel, and many of them have been convinced by propaganda designed to undermine them and to blind them to their danger as a demonized and declining race. 

White gentiles in America today are in a far more vulnerable position than Jews were in Nazi Germany.  No one will erect Holocaust museums for obliterated white ethnicities.  

The educational system serves the deracination function. Critical race theory, for example, and the New York Time’s 1619 Project, teach black people to hate white people and white people to hate themselves and to be ashamed of their history. 

History is rewritten and falsified to support the charge of white racism.  For example, Robert E. Lee has been turned into a symbol of racial injustice.  Even his own state that he successfully defended for several years against invading Union armies agreed to remove his statue from the capital that he defended. 

In Lee’s day Americans regarded themselves more as citizens of their states than as citizens of the United States.  For defending his state against aggression, Lee has been turned into a racist.  

Lee served as Superintendent of West Point. One of the West Point barracks is named after him. He was highly respected by the US Army and offered commend of the Union army being assembled to invade the South for refusing to pay the northern tariff.  Lee, a Virginian who owned no slaves said he couldn’t bring war to his own people. Yet the calumny is found everywhere that Lee resigned his US Army commission in order “to fight for slavery.”  The South fought because it was invaded.

Today, a century an a half later, a white Virginia Governor and a white Virginia Supreme Court have given the green light to the removal of Lee’s statue because black residents have been taught to see the statue as “a monument that glorifies slavery.”

Why does it glorify slavery instead of heroism and independence? Why do blacks get to dictate the meaning of a monument?

Why do minority black views count more than majority white views in an alleged democracy? Why can blacks be “offended” by a statue, but not whites by the erasure of their history?

Why do uninformed black views prevail over facts? Why do white people submit to the rule of fiction?

Why do feelings based on a historical lie indoctrinated into the heads of minority blacks take precedence over the feelings of majority whites whose history is first falsified and then erased? 

Why does the white Virginia establishment support this calumny against one of the best men Virginia produced?  A man far better than the scum erasing his memory.

If this isn’t the self-deracination of a race, what is? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee are demonized and reviled, but a drug addict felon, George Floyd, who killed himself with a massive overdose of fentanyl, is an object of worship.  This transformation–hero to villain, villain to hero–was done by whites themselves.  Blacks lack the power.

When even Southern whites cannot rise in defense of Robert E. Lee, what we are witnessing is white people shamed by other white people into a total loss of confidence.  The white southern establishment in Virginia simply collapsed in the face of demands by people of no political or economic consequence, offering less resistance to nonentities than a wet paper bag.

Last December the Virginia Military Academy, the home base of Southern General Stonewall Jackson, removed his statue because it was racist for Jackson to resist a Northern invasion.

VMI, one of the most southern of southern institutions, has thrown its most famous member away. The heroism of Stonewall Jackson was tossed down the memory hole by his own institution and his own state for whom he brilliantly fought.

It is unimaginable to me why VMI would desecratate itself in this way. There is nothing racist about a professor defending his country against military aggression.  Why did the trustees stand for dishonoring VMI’s most famous member?  Why would any person of integrity attend VMI after the college’s disavowal of its most illustrious member.

Not content with only removing statues, the deracinated Virginia whites are removing names associated with the South from schools, counties, and streets.  The deracinated whites in  Arlington Virginia renamed Lee Highway.  It is now Langston Boulevard.  Street names are being changed in Richmond. High school names associated with Southerners who resisted Lincoln’s invasion have been erased.  I wonder when Washington and Lee University will be erased. 

The anti-white, anti-American Southern Poverty Law Center has a list of 2,300 Roads, schools and monuments in 23 states alleged to have southern and thereby racist connotations.  I suppose we will have to find a new word for the cardinal direction or compass point known as south.

Because a black felon died of an overdose of fentanyl, the US Congress, largely a collection of white men, voted this year to remove all names associated with the defeated Confederates from federal property.  There goes Lee Barracks named after West Point’s most famous Superintendent. This is the action of people who have lost all confidence in their race and have become servants of an anti-white ideology that demonizes them.  

It is not just the South that is being erased, but white people in general. What is surprising is that the South just  sits there and takes it. Southern movie theaters have even ceased showing “Gone With The Wind” because it is “insensitive.” For the South to accept its erasure after suffering the war crimes of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan is equivalent to Palestinians accepting their dispossession for being “terrorists.”

 If the movie  “Gone With The Wind” is insensitive to anyone it is to the Southern whites who, along with their culture, were destroyed by Lincoln’s war and turned into Yankees who always put money first.  “I will never be Hungary again,” declares Scarlet O’Hara. Here is a Southern Lady turned into a commonplace Yankee for whom money is the only value: 

Lincoln’s war, as he affirmed repeatedly, was to preserve the empire.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.  The South’s secession had nothing to do with slavery. It was over an economic issue.  The North intended to build its industry by economically exploiting the South.  The reinvention of what is erroneously called a “civil war” as a slavery issue was directed not only at Southern whites but also against all white Americans.  If you doubt this, just look around you.  Is it only white Southerners who are called “systemic racists” and “white supremacists”?  If you are too stupid to know the answer, ask Megan Kelly who pulled her kids out of prestigious New York private schools where they were being indoctrinated that they were white racists.  Look at the Democrat states and school districts’ mandated teaching of critical race theory even in all white public schools.  If you are a white American, Democrat government has officially placed a target on your back, and that of your kids, and grandkids, if the Covid Vaccine permits you to have any.

The entire American educational and political establishment is too stupid to comprehend that if a civilization is deconstructed and there is societal collapse, it doesn’t just collapse for white people in the South. All white people, Black people, Hispanic people, Asian people go down in the collapse. The only way a multiracial country can exist is if all are enculturated. Otherwise there is no unity.  A Tower of Babel — diversity — is not a country. 

For decades the work of liberal gentile and Jewish “cultural Marxist” intellectuals has been the deconstruction of America.  The deconstruction of America is really all a liberal education is.  The product of American education is generations of rootless white Americans.  If you think having roots is unimportant, tell that to Alex Haley. The TV series based on his “Roots” gave blacks roots while cultural Marxist Jewish intellectuals and white liberal gentiles conspired to make white Americans rootless and deracinated.  Americans today have been reduced to a guilty people who deserve nothing but have the obligation of restitution.  Restitution means stepping aside and handing over power to “the oppressed minorities.”   In other words, the white ethnicities are so brain-washed against themselves that the “preferred minorities” don’t even have to make the effort to overthrow them.  The indoctrinated whites are overthrowing themselves.

The same is true throughout the Western world.  Whites everywhere are on the defensive, mainly from other anti-white whites.  It was whites who opened the borders to the overrunning of white countries with non-white ethnicities.  It is the President of the United States, Biden, who refuses to enforce US immigration laws and permits immigrant-invaders to enter the country at will.  In Europe–Macon, Merkel–it is the same.  Italy is a joke as a country.  Italian citizenship is a joke.  It is meaningless. England is no longer England.  It is a Tower of Babel. The mayor of its capital city is a Muslim.  Only 40% of London’s population is British.

Nowhere in Europe are Christian churches being built, but Mosques are going up everywhere.

Cambridge University’s famous Gonville and Caius College has removed a memorial window to Sir Ronald Fisher, a former member of the college and the founder of modern statistics.  

Sir Ronald was also interested in genetics, at the time a legitimate field of inquiry but today demonized as racist.  Racial minority students unqualified to be at Cambridge, but there because of “the value of diversity,” protested that Fisher’s interest in genetics meant he was a racist and that the college was supporting racism by having a memorial to a famous founder of statistics.  Woke assistant dons, people of zero ability and consequence hired to show the University’s “inclusiveness,” also protested, and the emotionally, intellectually, morally, and physically weak faculty collapsed and removed the memory of the founder of modern statistics.

While Cambridge University removes a memorial window to the founder of statistics, the Washington Cathedral in D.C. installs one honoring convicted felon and drug addict George Floyd who killed himself with a drug overdose. 

Oxford University is still in turmoil over whether Oriel College will remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes who endowed Oxford’s prestigious Rhode Scholarships, one of which was awarded to former US President Bill Clinton.  Rhodes was a colonist in Africa and thereby a racist and his “statue and everything it represents” must fall, so say the racial quota awarded recipients of Rhode Scholarships.

These people are so mindless that they cannot understand that if Rhodes is racist and his statue  toppled,  the prestige of  their Rhodes scholarships is also toppled. All the people, including Bill Clinton, who accepted the racist Rhodes Scholarships are also discredited. They are forever branded as racist because of  their association with Cecil Rhodes.

In Britain it seems everything a white person does is racist–even wearing second-hand clothes. 

James Watson, co-discoverer with Francis Crick of the double-helix structure of DNA and awarded the Nobel Prize in science has been declared a racist and excluded from the research laboratory he founded. One of the most distinguished and important scientists of our time has been shoved into the Orwellian  black hole by two-bit punk quota-hired university nonentities.

This is the Western World today.  It is insane. Science, facts, truth, have no authority. Western Civilization has been emptied. Not even a wet paper bag remains.  The Western World is militarily impotent, has no leadership, and was defeated in Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban  and run out of Afghanistan in total disarray by a mere militia. As President Eisenhower warned the insouciant American people 60 years ago, the military/security complex is after your democracy. They are after your money which they will get at all cost, and you, being stupid and insouciant will give it to them.   

A correct prediction.

The US now has a feminized, homosexualized, transgendered military that forces white soldiers and officers to take “racial sensitivity training” and learn that they are racists and are not permitted to commit racism by discipling black troops.  Neither can they be misogynists by discipling female troops.  Neither can they be transgenderphobic by disciplining  men who claim to be women or women who claim to be men.

This is the American military today. How can anyone be proud to serve in such a screwed-up organization?

It is a useless military, but it costs Americans $1,000 billion per year, an enormous sum that drains desperately needed resources from many far more important uses than the profits of the military/security complex.

The unavoidable conclusion is that Americans are hostage to the demonization of the white ethnicity that created the country.  All of America’s leaders and heroes, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are racists and evil men who oppressed blacks and women and created a nation based on slavery.  If you don’t believe this, just consult the New York Times’s 1619 Project or your local school board.

The Western World is so powerless in its total lack of self-belief that it permits itself to be overrun by immigrant-invaders.  

Jean Raspail described the demise of the West in his 1973 book, The Camp of the Saints. We are living his description.  Our days are running out.  

If you doubt this, think about your right to self-protection. In St. Louis, Missouri, a couple who defended their home from being overrun by Antifa and Black Lives Matter by brandishing firearms were arrested and charged for defending their property.

As far as I can discern, nowhere in Europe or the UK is a person permitted to defend himself with a firearm. Pistols are prohibited. If you are attacked by a “preferred minority” you must suffer the consequences or go to prison for a hate crime. Defending yourself, if you are white, against a non-white is in Europe today a likely hate crime.

The removal from white ethnicities of the right to self-protect completes the deracination of white ethnicities. Devoid of confidence and self-belief, white ethnicities have thrown themselves into the trash can of history.

The Deracination of White Ethnicities

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