Peaceful Protests Are a Waste of Time and Energy

Will protesters ever learn that peaceful protests do not work when governments care not what people think and represent private agendas and not the people?  The protests that work are the violent ones by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

It appears that one-tenth of a million Gazans have already been killed or maimed by the American-financed and militarily-supplied Israeli intended genocide of the remnants of the Palestinian population, a people who have been evicted from their lands and villages bit by bit since 1947.  

This time the violence is massive, and only the Houthis, a poor population in Yemen that survived years of Washington-inspired attacks from Saudi Arabia, has lifted a hand to help the Palestinians.  

The “civilized West” responded to the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians by cancelling their contributions to the UN agency that provides Palestinians with humanitarian aid.  Consequently, now 1,000,000 Palestinians are facing starvation as Israel has blocked food deliveries and medicines, knocked out the water supply, hospitals, sanitation, and intends to drive any surviving Palestinians into Egypt. 

So what do we hear from the governments of the “great moral West”? 

 We hear about Israel’s right of “self-defense.”  The Western governments, immoral to the hilt and all enthralled to Israel, have redefined genocide as self-defense.  The West’s citizens are so successfully propagandized by Israeli disinformation over decades and generations that the subservience of Western “democracies” to Israel goes unremarked among the small part of the world that is considered to be the West.  

But not in the rest of the world. The United States and Israel have achieved the status of pariah states, the agents of Satan.

Why, despite this realization, does the rest of the world sit watching the destruction of a people, as Romans watched for entertainment lions devouring Christians in the Colosseum?  Russia, China, Iran, and the rest with the  exception of South Africa, which took Israel to the International Court of Justice, have not lifted a finger to help the Palestinians.  Washington claims to protest but keeps sending Israel the weapons.

This despite the fact that the governments of Russia, China, and Iran know that the real target is them.

Israel and the neoconservatives intend the destruction of Iran, which will release “jihadists” into the Russian Federation and deprive China of oil.  It is Japan in the 1930s all over again, and yet the targeted countries do nothing.  

If Putin and Xi and the Iranians think that they can sit out the conflict, they are mistaken.   You cannot sit out a conflict that is directed at you.

Peaceful Protests Are a Waste of Time and Energy

One thought on “Peaceful Protests Are a Waste of Time and Energy


    Putin is a stupid guy. He allows his soldiers to be killed by weapons from the west and still calls the west ‘our partners.’ Also he says that he has good relations with Netanyahu but allows the Zionists state with help from the west to bomb and kill his allies in Iraq, Syria and Iran. That guy is heading for a fall and maybe the Chechens will do it but I think the ordinary Russian soldiers are okay with dying for friendship with the west.


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