Nuke War, Bioweapon Awakening, Dollar Dies & Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is the special guest for this week’s Weekly News Wrap-Up.  Dr. Roberts gives his deep dive on the three biggest stories of the week.  The U.S. and NATO is stumbling towards nuclear war that nobody even mentions.  How close are we to a thermal nuclear exchange?  The symbolic Doomsday Clock says just 90 seconds from midnight and total global disaster.

The news for the CV19 bioweapon is all bad, and I mean all bad.  Dr. Roberts adds to the bad news with new information that says the CV19 injections helped nobody.  Dr. Roberts also says the awakening is unstoppable, but will enough people wake up to bring these criminals to justice?

Finally, big news on the economic front about the U.S. dollar no longer being the exclusive currency accepted by the Saudis in exchange for oil.  This effectively kills the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status and thus the buying power.  The Lying Legacy Media is not even reporting this huge development that will affect the entire world, especially the U.S. consumer.  Is America getting ready to feel a tsunami of inflation?  Dr. Roberts says yes.  When a former high ranking Treasury official is warning, you should take notice.

There is much more in the 59 min. newscast.

Nuke War, Bioweapon Awakening, Dollar Dies & Paul Craig Roberts

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