It Is Official–the DOJ Is Weaponized

Two of five people charged with “seditious conspiracy” for attending the rally for Trump on January 6, 2021 have been convicted by a Washington D.C. jury in a political trial with more resemblance to Soviet-era trials than to American justice. All five of the defendants were convicted of obstructing an official proceeding.

Widely misreported by the media including even RT as a “riot at the US Capitol,” the small disturbance was provoked by federal agents who had infiltrated those present.  

Trump and his supporters were too unfamiliar with Washington to realize that the rally would be used by Democrats and the presstitutes against Trump and his supporters.  It was easily accomplished by assertion alone.

We know from abundant videos that the police opened the doors and allowed people to enter the Capitol.  Those who entered were peaceful and wandered around, as videos show, before leaving.  A couple of people took selfies of themselves sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  This was turned into a seditious conspiracy against democracy.

Consider as well that the rally was supporting those Republicans in Congress who insisted on presenting the evidence of the stolen election to Congress prior to the confirmation of Biden as the winner.  The Trump supporters had no interest in disrupting this presentation.  It was this presentation that the orchestration of conflict at the Capitol was used by the Democrats and the Rino Republicans such as Mitch McConnell to prevent.  I don’t think that Trump and his supporters at the time understood that the Republican Establishment is as opposed to Trump as are the Democrats and the presstitutes.  Trump’s presidency was unsuccessful, because Trump appointed and surrounded himself with Rino Republicans. He staffed his administration with his opponents.

You can see the hostility of the Republican Establishment against Trump in their support of the Democrats’ claim that the midterm election was a repudiation of Trump and the Republican candidates that he supported.  The inconsistency of the Trump candidates sweeping their primaries only to have the same voters turn against them in the general election is quietly passed over.

The evidence against convicted Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes is that he is an “election denier” and predicted that the disregard of half of the voting population was leading to civil war.  Prior to the trial, the media had turned “election denial” and Oath Keepers into “threats to democracy,” so when a D.C. jury, almost assuredly all Democrats, was seated, the verdict had already been set in stone.

Now I will proceed to the main point. 

By succeeding in conflating in jurors minds  freedom of association and freedom of speech with seditious conspiracy and obtaining convictions of sedition with no evidence of armed violence and no evidence of any plans to “threaten democracy,” the DOJ has established a precedent for going after Trump with the same charges. Already the Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a Democrat special prosecutor to put together a criminal case against Trump from “investigations” of Trump’s alleged possession of national security documents and Trump’s alleged role in the January 6 “attack on the Capitol.”

All of this is abject nonsense.  At any time in US history before the last few years, it would have made laughing stocks out of the Department of Justice, Democrat Party, and media.  But not today.  The concocted trial of the Oath Keepers and the trial that likely is in store for Trump are the most serious threats to truth, democracy, and accountable government that Americans have ever faced. We have now entered the Nazi-Stalinist era of American degeneracy in which conviction rests on accusation alone.

Trump’s trial would not reqire evidence, because the Democrats and their presstitutes have taught feminist women, younger Americans, and the younger generation of Woke business leaders to hate Trump.  The system, backed by enough vocal Trump-haters, just wants to get Trump regardless of evidence.  The Republican Establishment wants rid of him, too, because he is a threat to the Establishment.  Trump does what no Rino Republican does–he represents Republican voters or tries to.

For years I have watched with growing apprehension how manipulated emotion has taken over from reason, how emotion, not evidence, shapes public opinion.  As in Covid, the “vaccine,” the conflict in Ukraine, 9/11, literally every issue, evidence is “misinformation” if it doesn’t fit the official narrative. The ruling establishment has created an entirely new industry–“fact checkers”–to protect official narratives from evidence.

Truth is precarious in such a society as it is a threat to those who control the narratives.  Wherever truth is suppressed there is only tyranny.

It Is Official–the DOJ Is Weaponized

One thought on “It Is Official–the DOJ Is Weaponized

  • James p Dooley, sr.

    I knew all this even when Trump was in office when they would not go after Hillary Clinton for the emails and the scandals that she was doing. The people he was appointing to their post with the same people that back Hillary Clinton we need to clean out the FBI from top to bottom and start a new one that are bipartisan it does not need to be a one-way show


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