Donald Trump Is Being Persecuted for Standing Up for the American People

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I post again my explanation of The Political Outlook.  But first I offer more explanation why Trump is our last chance despite his incorrect positions on some issues, and despite his incompetence in his first term in staffing his administration and failure  to stand behind General Flynn, thus setting off Russiagate and marking himself for failure.  

The Political Outlook

As I predicted, Trump took on the ruling establishment without an administration committed to the task. Trump’s appointees, which include the current FBI director, could not have been any worse.  In effect, Trump doomed himself to failure and persecution.

Trump permitted himself to be buffaloed by Fauci and the media and endorsed vaccination with the deadly and health-destroying mRNA “Covid vaccines.”  

Trump blamed China for trade imbalances, not Wall Street and the offshoring corporations who forced the shutdown of American manufacturing and its movement to China and other parts of Asia.  Trump’s misunderstanding and hostility toward China played directly into the hands of the neoconservatives, who are risking all of our lives with their confrontations with Russia.

I could go on, but it is clear that Trump’s administration saddled him with misguided policies.

So why do I say he is our last chance?  

My answer is that Trump understands that the American Establishment runs things for them, not for the American people.  Trump has the independence, means, and courage to stand up to those who have stolen our country.

Trump has been persecuted for seven years by the American Establishment using the media and Department of Justice (sic) to prevent Trump from representing Americans by confronting Trump with an orchestrated “Russiagate, two orchestrated House impeachments, an orchestrated “January 6 insurrection,” an orchestrated “documents gate,” a felony prosecution without basis by the corrupt Democrat NY Justice (sic) system, and with a pending second false prosecution from Democrat Fulton County, Georgia.

When a person stands forth in defense of the liberties and livelihoods of the American people and receives punishment of this magnitude, and the American people do not rally to him and stand by him, the people are doomed.  If the American people accept the official narrative about Donald Trump they have signed a death warrant for their own liberty.

The message that the blatantly false accusations against an American President sends to all future candidates is that your success depends on representing the establishment, not the people. 

The Political Outlook

Paul Craig Roberts

Some readers have asked me if Special Counsel John Durham’s report vindicating Trump from the FBI’s false Russiagate charges and Durham’s criticisms of the FBI for unethical and criminal behavior have boosted Trump’s chances for reelection.  Readers also want to know if the FBI’s blatant protection of Joe and Hunter Biden by refusing a House subpoena to release a document that incriminates the Bidens in criminal activity, together with Biden’s infirmities of age, have lost the election for Biden.

Clearly the FBI’s gross interference in presidential elections is a fact.  But to be clear, my forte is not politics.  Some think that because I was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a member of the Congressional staff I know all about politics.  Having watched politics in operation, I do know something, but I had a policy role, not a political function, in my government years. 

In the Congressional staff my role was to devise a supply-side policy that would end stagflation and would be acceptable both to Democrats and Republicans.  In the Treasury my role was to get President Reagan’s supply-side policy out of his administration without it being so watered down in compromises that it would be ineffectual.  Later I had a role in helping Reagan end the Cold War.

Of course, politics and policy are not completely independent of one another.  Good policies can be prevented by politics, and bad policies can be implemented that serve special interests. Successful policy implementation requires awareness of politics and strong policy arguments.

With this clear, I will respond to the questions.

Durham’s report clearly helps Trump. It reveals an FBI clearly out to get Trump.  The fact that the FBI was actively working to disfranchise voters by overturning an election strongly suggests that the same motive is the explanation for the “January 6 Insurrection” and “Documentsgate,” in which the FBI is suspected to have played a role in orchestrating.  These known vendettas against Trump cast aspersion on the Democrats’ two impeachment attempts and on New York State’s indictment of Trump on vague charges.

In other words, the FBI, Democrats, and presstitutes have confirmed in the minds of Trump supporters and objective Americans that Trump was correct in calling these persecutions “a witch hunt.”  

That there still has been no FBI investigation of the incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the abrupt shutdown of the IRS investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax fraud confirm for Trump supporters and objective Americans that the FBI serves as a protection agency for the Biden’s.

A majority of the American people care about this, but not the Woke elements and certainly not the universities, law faculties, and media.  These view law and the US Constitution as upholding unfair “white privilege” that prevents equity, by which they mean a revolutionized society with a different set of values.  Trump supporters sense that American society is being overturned, and that the only leader they have is Trump.

Perhaps Trump appeared too late after the revolutionizing forces control all of the commanding heights.  This would explain why six obvious orchestrated persecutions of Donald Trump have been permitted with no accountability until Durham’s report seven years after the “Russiagate” plot against Trump began.  

The Democrats haven’t yet assessed the fallout from Durham’s report.  They are encouraged that Durham brought no indictments for the crimes he exposed.  This allowed FBI Director Wray, one of President Trump’s many unfortunate appointments, to shift the focus from the FBI’s plot against a sitting President of the United States–an act of treason–to insufficient FBI “procedural safeguards” against opening unwarranted investigations.  It looks like the FBI with help from the media and RINO Republicans is going to get away with it.

Let’s ask ourselves a question.  What would Republican leadership, if it existed, consist of at this time?  Does it consist of the RINO Republicans’ claim that “Trump is too divisive, it is time to move on?”  Does it consist of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and others succumbing to ambition and challenging Trump for the nomination?  Or does it consist of rallying around a man who has suffered seven years of persecutions simply because he stood up for the American people against a corrupt ruling establishment that long ago turned its back on the American people and the public interest?  

I think the answer is clear regardless of what I think of Trump’s policy positions.  If the American people and the Republican Party abandon Trump, we will never have another chance to restore our Constitutional protections, a rule of law, and an accountable government.  Trump’s destruction will serve as a warning to all future candidates that the only candidates permitted in office are those who serve the establishment.  It is that simple.

So what about DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

DeSantis is an outstanding governor.  He saved Florida from lockdowns, mandated vaccinations, white kids from being indoctrinated in schools with Critical Race Theory that they are racists and oppressors of people of color, from transgender indoctrination, and he stood up against Woke corporations such as Disney that support the normalization of sexual perversity. 

But DeSantis is a young man whose career is not backed with a billion dollars.  If Donald Trump can be eliminated by the ruling establishment DeSantis hasn’t a chance.  He could be a successful president only by going along to get along. 

As for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., possibly no finer American exists.  But it is folly to expect that the CIA is going to let a man be President who knows, and has said, that the CIA murdered his father and his uncle.  If RFK,Jr., is elected President, he would be the third, or fourth, Kennedy to be assassinated.

I think assassination will be Donald Trump’s fate if he again wins election. The CIA, FBI, NSA, and Democrats, all known to Trump as enemies who are trying to destroy him, will not tolerate being held accountable.  Indeed, it is not clear that a wiser Trump next time could find enough honest and aware people with whom to staff a government determined to restore accountability to the American people.  Where would he find them?  In the corporations? The media? The Universities?  No, and certainly not in Washington.

The bottom line question is:  Do the American people care enough about liberty and the Constitution to take on the task of restoring accountable government?  Or are they Blue Pill people content to be ruled in the interests of those who have seized power?

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