Blue America Hates the Rest of Us and Is Out to Get Us

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is a tool of the Democrat machine.  The office is out to destroy Republicans, especially Donald Trump and his family.  

There are no valid charges against Trump and his daughter, Ivanka.  But prosecutors do not need valid charges. The way they proceed (see Paul Craig Roberts, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, 2000) is to overwhelm a third party with false charges until the third party agrees to lie in order to incriminate the real target in exchange for dropped charges.  This is the way many federal convictions are obtained.  

Vanity Fair, a Trump-hating publication, is delighted to regale its Trump-hating readers with a description of how the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has concocted “a slew of criminal charges, including conspiracy, grand larceny, and multiple counts of tax fraud and falsifying records” against Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump business organization.

The MSNBC presstitutes have already convicted Weisselberg in the media, as happened to officer Chauvin.  MSNBC got former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne to say on TV that the charges were just an opening salvo and that Weisselberg should seriously consider pleading guilty and cooperating against the Trumps.  Former federal prosecutor Alksne said that prosecutors are pressuring Weisselberg by telling him they have everything they need to put him away.  His only chance is to turn state witness against the Trump family. In other words, we will drop our lies against you if you will lie for us against Trump and his daughter.

Crime and punishment in the US has been so totally corrupt for so long that neither Vanity Fair or former federal prosecutor Alksne realize how corrupt the process is that they are so excited about.  They are describing law wielded as a weapon to settle scores or destroy a political rival. This is what law means to them. They already live in their minds in third world despotisms. 

John Steven Anderson, 61, struggling to breathe approached police on January 6 and requested help. Seeing an opportunity, the police arrested him for “assaulting, resisting, or impending certain officers,” and other federal felonies.  A 30-second video clears him, but the prosecutors refuse to release the exculpatory evidence.  The attitude is that Trump supporters belong in prison, and that is where Anderson is headed. 

Prosecutors have achieved thousands of convictions by withholding exculpatory evidence.  Judges accept the false claims that the evidence is “highly sensitive” and subject to a restrictive protective order and, thereby, permit the withholding of the exculpatory evidence and conviction of the innocent. 

In Michigan the extreme leftist state attorney general, Dana Nessel, is trying to arrest people who reported electoral fraud.  Having blocked investigations into the stolen Michigan election, Nessel argues that it is commission of fraud to make claims of fraud.  The weak-minded Republicans, of course, enabled her by refusing to be confrontational and insist on looking into the voting miracles that occurred in Michigan. If you are a Republican, the worst thing you can do is to rock the boat.

Having recently read David Irving’s histories of World War II, I perceive the Democrats acting precisely as did the Nazis.  The Democrats are going about eliminating their opponents in the same way.  In Nazi Germany lawyers who defended Jews could find themselves unable to continue as lawyers, which is precisely what just happened to Rudy Giuliani for defending President Trump.

In the US today I see the same suppression of opinion that differs from the official narrative as occurred in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.  Look around you. Your children, if they have white skins, are taught in school to be ashamed. If you complain you are called a racist and brushed aside. American kids are taught to hate themselves, their parents, and their country. White employees in corporations, government, universities, and military are forced to take “racial sensitivity training” where they are abused for being white. Expert virologists, immunologists, and medical persons are deplatformed and silenced if they depart from the Covid narrative. People lose their jobs for attending the Trump rally and for using gender pronouns.  These are not rare unusual happenings. They are institutionalized, and if your behavior is nonconforming you pay a price.

Whatever this is, it is not a free country. Those whose agenda this is are very happy with it, and those who are persecuted by the agenda are isolated in their protests. A school teacher, school principal, nurse, university professor complains and is fired. It might make the local news, in which case it serves to intimidate others, and protest ceases. 

Americans need to wake up and understand that they are losing their country. What is taking its place is very ugly.

Blue America Hates the Rest of Us and Is Out to Get Us

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