Who is Zainab (as)? –MES EP. 70

To fully comprehend the message of Karbala one has to fathom two thoughts. One is the rising of Imam Hussain (AS) and the other is the rising of Zainab (AS). Hadhrat Zainab (SA) was an outstanding figure in the history of Karbala endowed with divine steadfastness and fortitude. She witnessed the merciless violence that took place in Karbala, yet she was not desperate, she did not collapse, despite all the pain and challenges, she was contrary the opposite. She stood up, spoke up and held Yazid responsible. To discuss this issue with us from London is Sheikh Shabbir Hasan Ali, lecturer in Islamic Studies.

Meanwhile, Yemen is home to the most tragic circumstances imaginable right now—years upon years of war, environmental disasters and severe humanitarian plight, exacerbated by cholera, diphtheria and now COVID-19. On Ashura which is a day immortalized by history, a day that will remain for the rest of the time, we remember Yemen that has been living the events of Karbala in this era for years. To discuss this issue with us from Sydney is Jay Tharappel member of the Yemen solidarity council.

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