The Temporary Entity- MES EP.216

The assassination, which was carried out by occupation planes against a resistance cell in Jenin last week, the first of its kind in the occupied West Bank in more than 17 years, has many security and military connotations, while reflecting the dilemma of the occupation army, which failed to eradicate the resistance in the West Bank during the past months.

It seems that the Israeli army, which undertook this operation in an attempt to restore the prestige of the military establishment and its deterrent power, which received a severe blow within hours, starting with the Jenin camp, which witnessed a qualitative development by detonating IEDs with enemy tanks and vehicles, all the way to the attack on the “Eli” settlement, which the intelligence and security system of the occupation failed to detect, prevent or thwart, despite the state of great alert declared by it.

Herzliya settlement in Tel Aviv was rocked by a large explosion at the site of an old munitions plant. Three tons of explosives are said to have exploded after allegedly insulation in the munition warehouse deteriorated.

Herzliya municipality is now urging Zionist authorities to close the munition site, with the mayor warning of ‘ticking time bomb’ in their settlement. Was it really a hazardous accident or was it something else?

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