Remembering Qana 2006

The Qana Massacre occurred during the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006, as a result of which about 55 people were killed, a large number of them were young children who were in a three-story building in the southern town of Qana.

The bodies of 27 children were recovered from among the victims who sought refuge in the town after they were displaced from neighboring villages exposed to bombing, in addition to the residents of the building.

This was the second time the Israeli occupation entity bombs the village into a massacre after it had done so during the grapes of wrath aggression against Lebanon on April 18, 1996.

Meanwhile, the crisis of judicial amendments in “Israel” raised the issue of the secular-religious rift strongly within the Israeli “society” in an unprecedented way.

Despite the existence of this social rift since the beginning of Zionist settlement in Palestine, the Zionist movement, with the political, economic and social changes, the ultra-religious Zionists have become more influential within the political scene inside the Israeli entity, blackmailing other Zionist parties, especially the Likud party led by Benjamin Netanyahu, especially after all the other Zionist political parties lost their confidence in him.

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