Liberty from the land of Terrorism- MES EP.215

The United States authorities release what the US media had previously described as “the most dangerous man of Hezbollah on American soil.

Hollywood stories were written about him. Two books, a documentary film, and dozens of press reports were published about him. 23 years were spent by supposedly “leader of Hezbollah in the American continent, Muhammad Youssef Hammoud, in US prisons, after he was sentenced to 155 years in prison, reminds you of Zionist sentencing, no?

Anyways, without any evidence other than the accounts of “a witness who did not see anything” Mohamad was robbed of 23 years of his life inside US detention centers. Mohamad gained his liberty again last week and arrived in his homeland Lebanon, without any moral or material compensation, except that the people of his homeland welcomed him as the hero he is, finally liberated from the prisons of the enemy.

All possible and impossible accusations were attached to the Lebanese immigrant Mohamad Hammoud, conspiracies were hatched around him, documentaries were produced about the “most dangerous Hezbollah elements in the American continent”, and books were written about the arrival of “Hezbollah elements on American soil”. All propaganda sold to the US authorities sadly by someone who knows nothing about dignity, honor or sincerity.

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