Intifada returns as liberation

Just as we are witnessing an internal Palestinian uprising for liberation, the whole world is going through a state of uprising of conscience from the Pacific Ocean to the English Channel.

To understand the nature of this new change in the world, it is useful to go back to history, specifically 36 years ago. Even in the first intifada that began in Palestine in the Jabalia refugee camp in the 1980s, the world had never witnessed such a strong protest against the Israeli entity’s brutality.

In justifying its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the Israeli occupation began to place itself in the context of the Western narrative about the global war on terrorism led by the United States, which the Zionist Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, summarized as “the war of civilization against barbarism,” considering that what Zionist Israel is doing is “self-defense”.

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